Facebook will unveil it's Cryptocurrency (Libra) this week.

By Turtle_Girl | Crypto Resistance | 18 Jun 2019

Facebook stock is up 4% as it's gonna unveil Libra this week , Facebook has partership with Uber, Visa and Paypal to create cryptocurrency , You will able to send funds to your love ones through facebook Messenger and Whatsapp and this announcement also cause the Bitcoin to be up around 3%.


Facebook will release the details about it's new cryptocurrency Libra tomorrow , rumors are Libra would be stable coin pegged with fiat currency.

Soon facebook will release the whitepapers, speculations are high and let's see what happens next.


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Crypto Resistance
Crypto Resistance

World is Changing now it's time to stand against the injustice of banking system that has led to the unfair distribution of wealth , Cryptocurrency can fight it's way to replace the banking system with crypto paradise.

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