BTT goes up to +800% after ICO token sale

BTT goes up to +800% after ICO token sale

By Menda | Crypto-related | 6 Feb 2019

Just a quick update on the project

BTT goes way up after the launch on Binance last week

The BTT ICO on Binance was a huge success, it was sold out in a matter of minutes after it's launch. About 36 billion BTT were sold in 15 minutes. Starting at $0,00012 and finishing the token sale at $0,000885, with spikes of over +800%.

The BNB, BTC and USDT pairs are the ones available on Binance, but some other exchanges also implemented more pairs. 


The investors are still seeing a good profit now, but the price is still being stabilized and the volume on the token is pretty high. If you want to know more about this BTT, you can check my other post.

Full disclosure: I do not own any BTT.


As allways


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