$DN Social Money Experiment
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$DN Social Money Experiment

By DragoNate | Crypto Related Stuffs | 7 Jun 2020

I've actually had my $DN issued for a couple months now, but I've been wracking my brain on how I wanted to distribute it & what rewards to offer.

Originally, I thought to have it connect to my YouTube channel & people would be rewarded for watching by finding hidden QR codes in videos.

Or they could be rewarded for sharing videos around, but I've the L+R spam that shows up in the Roll Discord for that :P

Proof of Achievement

I thought of a more unique way to distribute $DN & get people actually doing something that requires effort for it. To me, this is important as low effort things like clicking like are...I have many thoughts, but generally not my favorite.

So to earn $DN, you must provide proof of achievement! Claim 1 $DN below then when you're ready, head to the reward page to submit your achievement & be rewarded!

CLAIM: https://app.tryroll.com/claim/DN-H7RDJXLnfrCQ

SUBMIT: https://app.tryroll.com/rewards/DN

So how will this work?

Well, since it's all done manually, I have to check your proof by hand. If you do not provide actual proof of your achievement, or don't describe it for me to understand what you've achieved, then your 1 $DN will be refunded on the Roll app & you will have to try again.

Upon verifying your proof, I use a RNG (random number generator) to generate a number between 10 & 100. You can submit achievements as much as you want, this is how you earn $DN. The reward will be a minimum of 10 & max of 100 decided by RNG.

What rewards are there?

Right now I don't have any actual rewards, but here are some ideas I wanted to implement:

-free OR discounted merch items (shirts/hoodies/sweatpants/etc with my designs)

-artwork & NFTs

Of course, at some point, I'm sure someone will add liquidity to Uniswap, so by earning $DN you can literally be earning ETH or other monies. Right now, I have no plans to add liquidity myself. By keeping the distribution rather scarce, this should in theory make $DN quite valuable, which is what I want.

So that is it! My social money experiment is to gamify goal completion! Why did I choose this? Well, it's rather unique though probably not the only goal/achievement gamification token in existence. I tend to procrastinate a lot & have troubles with low motivation & completing goals of my own. I want to help change that through gamification & being rewarded for it is the best way I thought of!

Now, obviously this experiment is intended for significant goals. But who am I to determine what is significant to one persona or another? For example, I can make a goal to do 50 pushups in a row (max is 45 so far) but for someone else, a goal of doing 5 in a row might seem daunting. Both are goals & both difficult goals because they're for different people.

I just want to reward people for real effort :)


Please share your thoughts, suggestions, criticisms & the like down below! This is an experiment & I'd love to know what people think!

Keep in mind, this is all being done manually, so if a cluck ton of people start redeeming, it may take me a while to reward everybody!

Thanks for reading!!

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