Computta VS Cryptotab...which one earns the most?

Computta VS Cryptotab...which one earns the most?

By unicorngirl | Crypto-related posts | 11 Feb 2020

I like to compare similar programs against each other to see which one pays out mire.  I sometimes also make videos , which I haven't done in a while as  I was waiting to get a new computer.  I got the computer so I wanted to test these two programs on my desktop. 


It is an average i7 computer. No separate graphics card. Nothing fancy but a nice upgrade from my laptop.


I originally was going to test each program for a week and compare the results. My hypothesis was that Computta would nine more efficiently than Cryptotab . I was completely wrong.


I only ended up testing Computta for a few hours. In those 3 ish hours I only made 23 satoshi on 90% speed ( I was also not using my computer actively at this time) My cellphone mines faster than that.

Cryptotab on the other hand earns me about 70-90 satoshi per hour (on 3/4 speed ) depending on how actively I am using my pc.

So, obviously cryptotab is our winner.  Though neither of these earn a lot of satoshi, I can run Cryptotab 24/7 and it does not effect my other tasks I need to do on my computer when I set it to about 3/4 earnings. I have also ran it at 100%  while doing work on my computer and it didn't seem to effect the performance ( likely because the mining rate goes down when the computer is in use).


It's entirely possible that Compiutta earns more when using a GPU  but these are my results. Your results could be different.


I am glad that Cryptotab won. I did not like all the hype and in my opinion ,misleading info on computta's website. Yes, all companies have a bit of hype including Cryptotab, but I really didn't  like the energy around computta. This is just my personal opinion.


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Crypto-related posts
Crypto-related posts

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