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By cryptoph | Crypto Reflections | 15 Apr 2021

Hey Friends,

If you are into this platform, I am sure you have heard Brave Browser and Presearch Search Engine as great tools to earn passive income.  Imagine you are getting paid for something you do for free with Chrome and Google Search.

Some bloggers have already mentioned, and which are social media platforms that rewards BCH and XTM as rewards to users.  I don't need to mention those.

Today I will mention 3 additional great tools for building your passive income.

1.  Netbox Browser - Who says you cannot use two Browser at the same time? In fact I use three, the other two are Brave and Crytotab.  Unlike Brave which rewards it users for interacting with privacy respecting ads, Netbox rewards its people for the time spent they using its browser. As for me, I play my music with this browser, while I do my online work with BRAVE.  The reward is in the form of NBX.  

The Netbox.Browser is the first web browser that does not have a centralized infrastructure: all personal data of users belong only to them and decisions on the areas of development of the product are made by the community. 



2. Theta Edge Node and Theta,tv - Both products belong to Theta Network which is a video streaming company which uses blockchain to reduce the cost of delivering content over the web. Simply put, it works like Bittorrent in some way because the more viewers are watching the same channel, the better and quality the viewing experience.  Video streamers are hosted in  Video streamers and viewers are rewarded with TFUEL token for their content and viewing time, respectively.

Theta Edge Node is another way of earning TFUEL.  Theta Edge Node is "like a mining app" but is not really a mining tool. It encodes videos to relay video streams over the Theta Network and earn TFUEL in the process.  If you have 10,000 TFUEL, you can also stake your TFUEL to earn additional TFUEL.  

Edge Node

3. Streamr.Network - This network is a data monetization project.  It collects, consolidates, anonymizes and sells browsing data with user permission.  Profit sharing is favorable to the data owner with rate of 70-30 scheme. The data collection app is Swashapp,io which is a Chrome Extension. The reward is in the form of DATA.

How do I use these passive income tools for my typical day?

I start my day by opening two browsers: Netbox and Brave. Because, I am rewarded for using the Netbox, I ensure that something is being played in this browser all the time. This is where is useful.  You see, when you watch stream in, you get rewarded with Tfuel.  To increase likelihood of earning Tfuel from viewing peers, I watch channel because this one has the most number of viewers.  

With Brave browser, I have also installed the extension because it is with this browser that I am more active.  I like BAT because it has higher value the NBX at the moment.  For every tab that I open, I get to see 5 Brave ads and if I click those ads, they are captured by as data, anonymized and sold in the market.  

On the background, Theta Edge Node is also active for extra Tfuel rewards.

I hope these 3 additional tools are helpful in increasing your passive income. Cheers!


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