The rise and fall of E-GOLD!

By sleepyjey | Crypto Queries | 5 Mar 2023

Do you remember e-gold? It was the first ever digital currency I used and it has many parallels to the crypto world today. Why did it become popular and what finally led to it fading away? Here's a little insight!


E-gold was a digital currency that was created in 1996 and allowed users to make anonymous online transactions. It was operated by Florida-based company Gold & Silver Reserve Inc. and was backed by physical gold reserves. This was mentioned in their website.

The rise of e-gold was due to the fact that it offered a secure and anonymous way to make online transactions without the need for a credit card or bank account. This made it popular among people who were concerned about online privacy and security - similar to crypto today. 

E-gold reached its peak in 2006, with over 5 million accounts and over $2 billion in transactions. However, its downfall began in 2007 when it was found that the platform was being used by criminals for money laundering and other illegal activities. The company was indicted by the US Department of Justice and forced to shut down its operations.

In 2008, the company pled guilty to money laundering charges and agreed to pay a $3 million fine. E-gold was also ordered to implement measures to prevent its platform from being used for illegal activities.

Have you ever used e-gold? Let us know what you used it for!


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