Activate 10 ads per hour on Brave Android browser

By sleepyjey | Crypto Queries | 5 Aug 2021

Brave hiked the max ads per hour to 10 ads per hour on their Windows browser s couple of weeks ago. On their Android browser platform

, only the Nightly version had this feature as experimental. 

Now it looks like they are rolling out the 10 ads per hour feaure on their regular Brave Android browser too. It's easy to activate this. This, hopefully, translates to more earnings. 

Please update your app and then close it completely and open it. This ensures that you are up to date and ready to go. This is a composite screenshot about how to do it and is self explanatory. I will explain the steps after you look at this. 



1. Click on the BAT triangle near the address bar to open the BAT rewards info pop up. 

2. Click on the "Settings" (also has the red BAT rewards symbol) in this box.

3. In the settings box, click on the symbol on the right top corner to open the ads per hour menu.

4. Scroll down and choose 10 ads per hour. 

And that's it! You can enjoy more discrete, non-targeted, privacy-respecting ads from Brave and hopefully you will also get more BAT every month. Here are the screenshots of the individual steps. 



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