Which crypto strategy is RIGHT for YOU?

In 2017 it paid to be a hodler.

In 2018 the question has been when will a hodler capitulate?

The reality is there are multiple different types of trading & investing strategies that can be used in crypto. I'm not talking about methodologies such as fundamental, quantitative, and technical analysis. Those are the means. I'm talking about the ends.


Some key questions we all must ask

What are you trying to achieve?

What type of risk are you willing to take?

What type of returns are you looking to get?

How closely do you want your portfolio return to match bitcoin or crypto?

How long is your time horizon?

What other assets will you sell to fund this portfolio?

Those questions and many more will help you answer what type of strategy is right for you. 


Here are the four main crypto strategies that I've identified.

1. Bitcoin Hodler

2. Crypto market portfolio

3. Market directional trader

4. Market neutral trader

The reality is many people in crypto are employing many of these strategies without even realizing how they fit together.


Each of those strategies have a different....

-Expected returns...

-Risk profiles...

-Correlation to bitcoin/crypto

-Risks associated with trader & portfolio manager skill

-And much more... 


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