Bitmex Killer w/ a DEPOSIT BONUS & Fee Discount? Video AMA & Walk through w/ a cofounder of Delta.Exchange

Bitmex Killer w/ a DEPOSIT BONUS & Fee Discount? Video AMA & Walk through w/ a cofounder of Delta.Exchange

A few days ago I conducted a video walk through and AMA with Jitender Tokas, a cofounder of Delta Exchange (100x leverage available).

First if you use this link you'll get a 15% fee discount PLUS a deposit match bonus. Thank me later.

Jitender walks us through nearly the entire platform. Ranging from how to sign up, to trading, to building your own trading bot. 

In addition I peppered Jitender with a bunch of questions. He had no idea what was coming as I wanted to keep things fair and objective. 

It is a young exchange, so there are always some question marks. The community will ultimately have to give it a spin to see if it is a contender or pretender. 



Some of the highlights highlights:

1. First in first out order priority. It doesn't matter if you are a $100,000,000 whale that knows Jitender or a $5 trade. All orders are priotized first in and first out. This is a HUGE deal

2. Fee rebates for all limit orders. You literally get paid!

3. You are able to easily build your own trading bot

4. Plan to add support for additional coins (right now BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM) including different types of derivatives


Some of the downsides:

1. Very new, limited track record. It sounds good, but experience has to be earned

2. While they sound strong from a technical standpoint, it remains to be seen if it can stand under the "System Overload" problem of Mex

3. Liquidity is okay, but can be challenging if you are a massive whale

4. Can't trade if you are from certain jurisdictions

I received ZERO compensation for making this post, the video walk through, or the AMA. Zero. I wanted to be as objective and fair as possible. The only compensation I may receive is due to referrals. 

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