Binance For Beginners (Plus a Review!)

Joining Binance is basically a rite of passage for any crypto trader or investor.

They are, in my opinion, the top alt coin exchange currently in the crypto ecosystem. They have a very strong line up of coins plus the best liquidity in the business.  No crypto exchange is perfect, and Binance has its own issues. But once you put it all together it is still the 'go-to' for alt coin trading.

The Binance for Beginners series basically will walk you through the entire platform:

1. Signing up and Security  (sign up here: )

2. Depositing and Withdrawing

3. Understanding Fees

4. Trading and Order Types

5. The Final Scored Review


Binance for Beginners: Signing up and Security

Ultimately Binance makes it pretty easy to sign up and secure your account. 2FA through Google Authentication is a must!


Binance for Beginners: Deposting and Withdrawing

Do not forget to double, triple, and quadruple check Deposit/Withdrawal addresses!



Binance for Beginners: Understanding Fees

.10% for most everyone for both maker/taker trades. Use BNB for a 25% discount


Binance for Beginners: Trading and Order Types

Intuitive trading platform, but give me OCO (One cancel the other) orders!


Binance for Beginners: Final Scored Review

Top overall score, and some above average....but where did I rate it below average?



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