Trezor or Ledger. Which one should you buy
Trezor or Ledger. Which one should you buy

Once you start accumulating a sufficient amount of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you start wondering which hardware wallet should you get to safely store your coins.

Leaving your coins at an exchange is not a wise choice as even the biggest exchanges are prone to hackers.

Once you transfer your coins to a hardware wallet you can be assured that they are safe from any online attacks as long as you keep your seed key well guarded. However one dilemma the majority face is which wallet to purchase considering there are so many options available.

I was in a similar situation and below is my recommendation for which wallet will be better suited for you.


If you are a hardcore Bitcoin fan and think all other cryptos are basically shitcoins then this is the best option for you.

Trezor is the oldest brand of hardware wallets and there have been no reported incidents of it getting hacked.

It has a really straightforward and easy to use interface and over the last year that I have been using it, I never faced any issues while receiving or sending bitcoin from it. In case you decide to buy some Litecoin, Dash then also Trezor has dedicated wallets and you can store them without issues. The problem starts when you try to store Etereum, XRP, XLM etc as they will redirect you to other external wallets managing which can be a bit tricky.

So the bottomline is if you plan to store a lot of Ethereum, XRP and other alt coins like BAT, XLM etc then Trezor will be a bit cumbersome.



As I bought a ledger after I had already been using Trezor I found transferring Bitcoin to ledger a bit more complex, specially during the initial days. It takes some time getting used to the steps of selecting app on the small display of a ledger and double clicking the 2 buttons to open it, whereas Trezor has a much friendly touchscreen. However where Ledger Nano X scores over Trezor is the apps for altcoins, which makes it much more convenient as it has apps for most of the popular alt coins.

Bottomline is if you plan to purchase several alt coins then Ledger is way better than Trezor.


Feel free to share in the comments how has been your experience with Trezor or Ledger, or if there is any other wallet in the market which you feel is better than them.


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