Read.Cash – Why you should join this platform!

Read.Cash – Why you should join this platform!

I am always looking out for new platforms related to cryptocurrencies but one thing which I realized the hard way during last year was that majority (more than 90%) of the so called crypto platforms are a complete waste of time. Every person is looking for different things from a platform but one thing all of us agree upon is that TIME is the most valuable asset we possess, so how and where we spend this time has a big role in deciding how successful we are in the future.

For me the most important factors in deciding if a new platform is worth joining are the following:

  • Do I learn something new by being active in this platform. This can be information related to new crypto based projects, techniques for evaluation of coins, technical analysis to support trading or it could be a new skill eg financial management, minimalism, video making etc. For this reason when I find a site filled with spam comments or copy pasted articled from CoinTelegraph it is a big red flag for me and I immediately run away.


  • What is the Rewards mechanism of the platform. Some platforms like Publish0x have a clear approach that they have a pool of tokens and you can tip authors for a fixed time daily and you can keep a part of the tip for yourself. The more popular your articles the more you get tipped. Nice and simple. If I am not able to understand the rewards mechanism of a site it is an indicator that something is fishy behind the scenes.



  • Are New Users welcome. Some platforms are dominated heavily by old users and is nearly impossible for a new user to get established and have visibility. This was the situation in Steemit (before it collapsed) and is one aspect which is managed very well in Publish0x. Based on my experience so far on Publish0x if you are making a quality post it does not matter how long you have been active. I have seen some writers who add valuable posts and get a huge subscriber base within a matter of weeks.


  • Are they Rewarding in Native Tokens. Most of the crypto platforms think it’s cool to create a new special token to be used exclusively in their site. They don’t realize the challenege it creates for the user. When you create a new token it takes time for it to get accepted in an exchange. The trade volumes are extremely low making it really difficult for the users to cash out if needed. Crazy price swings of these native tokens makes the situation worse. Perfect example of native token disaster is Minds. I collected a lot of Minds but realized it was traded only on ForkDelta and Mercuriex. The volumes were terrible and despite many attempts I was never able to exchange or sell them.


Considering all these parameters, till recently I thought Publish0x was the only platform which is managed and run fairly with the convenience of users in mind. Most of other platforms had some issue or the other. Uptrennd was built on an innovative concept of rewarding all social interactions but is now struggling with heavy spam and low quality content.

I recently came across ReadCash and I was surprised that it meets all the criteria:

  • The content quality is good and spamming is very low.
  • Open to General topics. Many people complain that Publish0x is too crypto focused. ReadCash has a community system and they have active writers covering all possible topics. Normally when a platform opens to general topics there is a high risk of spamming as people start taking photos of cats & dogs but thankfully this is not happening on ReadCash (Yet!)
  • They are open and supportive to new users and is not dominated by old users
  • Rewards are in BCH (Bitcoin Cash), so they is no hassle of juggling a native token

Overall I will strongly recommend you to try this new platform. In case you have any questions do let me know.

I am really happy to find a decent crypto platform that is worth investing your time and efforts. Hope you have a positive experience too.

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