My Favorite Crypto Youtubers!

The number of channels on youtube focusing on crypto seems to be growing at an exponential rate with new creators popping up each day. In a way this is good as more crypto content means more awareness and adoption but the problem is that the quality of content on the majority of the channels is really bad.

Most of these channels use clickbait where the title of the video will say something and the video will be on totally unrelated useless things. In many cases the presenters make unimaginable bullish scenarios of Bitcoin hitting a billion next week or there are the doomsayers who claim bitcoin will fall to zero tomorrow. Some are outright scammers trying to pump shytecoins.

Due to this situation whenever I am looking to better understand a new concept in crypto I end up wasting a lot of time going through these channels that add no value at all and worse in some cases they give you views which are far from the reality.

In this post I will be focusing on some Youtubers which I find to be genuine and whose content I have been following regularly. I am in no way asking you to follow them blindly as doing your own research is the bottomline in the land of crypto.


#1 Andreas Antonopoulos


This was the first person who got me serious about Bitcoin and crypto. I had heard about Bitcoin before but I always thought it was a big scam. When I finally saw a video by Andreas I realized the true potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology and how it was going to revolutionize the way we handle money. I have watched most of his videos if not all and I found his book “Mastering Bitcoin” really useful.


Why I watch his videos regularly?

What I find really unique and intriguing about Andreas is that he is probably the only famous personality in crypto space who is not driven by greed and is not chasing money at all. Everyone who is into Bitcoin is looking for money some want it more badly than others and the dreams and ambitions differ. Some have Lambo dreams and some like me are looking at ways to escape the 9 to 6 slavery.

Andreas is the only person I am aware of who does not care about money and has devoted his life just to educate people about the benefits of Bitcoin and Blockchain. He has been travelling all over the world holding workshops to educate people.

If I had to pick one person who understands what Satoshi’s vision really is then that is Andreas.

If you have still not seen any videos by him you have to check out at least one and decide for yourself if he is worth following -


#2 Alessio Rastani


I had seen several TA related videos on youtube but I found the majority misleading and not based on any real fundamentals. Alessio was the first guy whose TA made sense to me and I have been following his videos regularly. He does TA for Bitcoin and for general stock markets as well. He explains very clearly on what indicators is he making his forecasts and he really opened up my eyes to the use of moving averages.


Why I watch his videos regularly?

What makes Alessio different from other TA channels is how humble and practical he is. He never makes any fantastic claims about a 100X or a complete collapse he just makes realistic forecasts based on probability. He knows that in TA nothing is 100% guaranteed as there are so many variables at play. He just highlights what he expects to be more probable and I have found most of his projections to be really accurate.

At times when his predictions go wrong he actually makes videos admitting he was wrong and explains what his mistakes in the analysis was.

If you are interested in TA then you should try out his content -


#3 Ivan on Tech (Ivan Liljeqvist)


Ivan does a video every morning of about 1 hour where he covers which are the key news related to crypto, anything interesting linked to Bitcoin, which are the hot altcoins. If you watch his daily video you are good with the latest happenings all over the world in crypto.


Why I watch his videos regularly?

I have been watching his videos daily now as it feels like watching the news in the morning. What I really like about Ivan is that he has a very wide knowledge about socio-political issues and what potential impact they can have on crypto. The analysis he does on the different news updates and how they affect crypto is really commendable.

If you still not seen any of his videos to give it a try-


#4 Coin Bureau (Guy)


Guy regularly makes 4-5 videos every week covering reviews for all topics related to crypto, whether it’s new altcoins, exchanges, wallets, DeFi, CeFI etc. He makes really comprehensive videos covering all aspects including pros and cons.


Why I watch his videos regularly?

What makes the reviews on Coin Bureau by Guy really unique is the unbiased opinions he shares. If he finds something wrong with an altcoin, exchange or wallet he clearly points it out. He makes the videos in a very easy to understand way so someone with no prior knowledge can also understand the topic he is explaining.

If you have still not seen his reviews, here is the link -


#4 Lark Davis (aka Crypto Lark)


Lark is very different from the other people I have mentioned in the list. While the others are very serious, to the point, no nonsense kind of guys Lark on the other hand is very flamboyant, stylish and funny. His way of presenting is very different and unique. He is one of the oldest channels on crypto that I am aware of and I continue to regularly watch his videos


Why I watch his videos regularly?

He is the eternal crypto optimist and always puts the emphasis on how important Bitcoin and crypto are for future. He does not believe in any get rich quick schemes and his mantra is “Stash and Chill Satoshis”. He advocates people should not worry about market fluctuations and should regularly keep buying Bitcoin even if in small amounts. I always feel very positive on crypto after watching his content. I definitely recommend following his channel -


If you think there are any other great crypto channels I missed out on then do let me know in the comments.







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