Thank you Algorand community for supporting Ukraine!

As most of your know, russia (“the second army of the world”) started a full-scale attack on Ukraine. They bomb peaceful cities, kill children and women, in certain places (Mariupol) they organized a genocide

Ukrainian army and Ukrainians resist as much as we can. The positive surprise is how crypto communities from all around the world supported Ukraine. Amazing help.

And I want to thank everyone. And here on the forum, I want to thank the Algorand community.

Recently, the Algo address was added to Aid for Ukraine site

I checked the block explorer and more than 1500 ALGO was donated

You can also see that these are small donations mostly, so I assume it’s individuals who support
So I want to thank you, everyone

Algorand is among my favorite cryptocurrencies, I take part in governance and in past was even thinking to submit a grant for the creation of Algorand Centres of Excellence (ACE)
After Ukraine wins, maybe this center will be created in Kyiv (maybe by one of the universities) and I hope Kyiv will remain the important crypto capital.

After the war, I want to invite every one of you to visit Kyiv, Ukraine. Thanks again for your help!

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