Tezos Ukraine: Mission and Strategy

What is Tezos Ukraine

What is it created for? 

What goals does it set for itself and how does it see ways to achieve them?

Speaking about Tezos, in a global sense, it should be noted that this is not only a platform of “smart contracts”, a unique blockchain, plus a resource that has internal management and easy verification for ecosystem participants, but also the ecosystem itself, represented by developers, scientists, researchers, “bakers”, enthusiasts who daily, around the world, work on the development and improvement of the platform, at the same time they are developing the ecosystem itself. Tezos Ukraine (TU) was created and exists as part of this ecosystem. Having in Ukraine a certain pool of technology adherents who are actively collaborating with the global Tezos community, in 2020, enthusiasts joined together to create “Tezos Ukraine”.

 “Tezos Ukraine” public organization, created and officially registered in 2020 in Ukraine, has headquarters in Kyiv. The founders are Sergey Vasilchuk linkedin and Mihai Tsybulyak linkedin.

Tezos Ukraine sees the mission of its creation in the search and development of innovative technological solutions in the field of new, open and decentralized software architectures that can become an answer to the challenges of modern society.

In their work, the Tezos Ukraine team outlined a number of goals, including:

  • building a strong, diverse, professional, motivated and prosperous Tezos community in Ukraine and promoting the development of partnerships in the community at the international level;

  • improvement and development of technologies based on the Tezos blockchain;

  • search for innovative technological solutions that are in demand in modern society.  

Our path to achieving our goals, over the next 12 months, is focused on three main areas:

  • Training.

  • Community information support.

  • Collaboration with public authorities and businesses in the search for technological innovations that can modernize existing or offer new technological solutions relevant and in demand by modern society.

Each direction includes a number of activities:

Training - involves a theoretical and practical part, consists of 2 off-line training courses, an online course and 2 hackathons, in which developers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and compete for financial support for their ideas. In the “Resources” section of our website, educational materials of a technical nature are posted.

Community information support is a series of activities aimed at helping and supporting teams who are ready to rely on Tezos. It involves building effective communication with the community and sets itself the tasks of diversifying approaches to the informational reach of the audience.

Cooperation with state authorities and business is aimed at promoting the integration of Tezos technology in real sectors of the economy, searching for business cases that allow entrepreneurs to improve business solutions using technology, or use it, in global government projects. At the first stage, it is planned to focus on areas such as gaming, e-commerce, asset tokenization. Particular attention is planned to be paid to cooperation with the National Bank of Ukraine on CBDC (issue of national digital currency).

At the end of the planning period, we expect to get measurable results, as well as analyze the impact that our activities have had on the development of the Tezos community in Ukraine. At this stage, we plan to focus our efforts on building a strong Ukrainian community. We realize this by providing training opportunities and access to information. For this reason, we regularly publish news and technical information in 3 languages ​​(including Russian and Ukrainian). We accumulate and adapt the best training programs for our developers. We are ready to answer your questions in our telegram channel and are happy to communicate with you on our meetings. We are conducting a dialogue with state authorities and business, in partnership we are looking for the necessary solutions. We believe that the platform’s potential is in the hands of its community. At the end of this year, we expect:

● 70 developers will get acquainted with Tezos blockchain technology, as part of our training program;

● 50 developers will undergo online training;

● more than 300 people who want to join discussions at our meetings;

● we will answer more than 400 questions about Tezos blockchain technology, in a specialized channel for developers;

● and more than 1000 general questions in the Tezos Ukraine telegram channel;

● more than 60 of our publications in various sources will regularly inform about the most important events of the community;

● we will translate hundreds of pages of technical materials to publish technical articles, guides and manuals in a language convenient for our community;

● we will support the best of ideas of our community, help to find partners and mentors for their implementation;

● we will act as investors for the 4 best projects, graduates of our training programs;

● we will study international experience to select the best cases for their implementation in our country with our community;

● we will hold an infinite number of meetings and negotiations to push the boundaries of the possible and lead the world to global technological changes, and we will definitely do this together with our community.

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