Tezos Foundation Grants

One of Tezos Foundation's missions is to deploy resources to the initiatives that will help to achieve the long term success of Tezos.
In contrast to some cryptocurrency projects which are moving forward with small or limited budgets or on a voluntary basis, Tezos Foundation has over 635 million dollars of assets. (as of January 31, 2020).

Since the first Biannual Update (August 9, 2019), the Tezos Foundation has committed funds to 78 new projects across 26 countries for a total amount of $37.6 million. Moreover, 57 of the 78 new grants (73%) were given to the organizations or individuals that were not previous grant recipients.

There are three main categories of Grants. During the latest grants allocation, there was a following distribution of funds: 35% were given for Community Grants, 30% - Research, Education & Core Development Grants, 35% - Ecosystem-Tools & Applications Grants.

Now let's describe in details each category:

I. Community Grants

Tezos Foundation is part of the global Tezos community. So the Community Grants are designed to provide support to other organizations and initiatives that strengthen and grow the Tezos communities all around the world.

The latest Grants distribution allocated 13.2 million USD and the recipients are:

• Norn Community, Russia
• Reason Association, Austria
• Tezos Brazil, Brazil
• Tezos China, Greater China
• Tezos Commons, USA
• Tezos India, India
• Tezos Israel, Israel
• Tezos Japan, Japan
• Tezos Korea, South Korea
• Tezos Southeast Asia, Singapore
• Tezos Ukraine, Ukraine
• Tezos.help, Sweden
• TQ Tezos, USA

II. Research, Education & Core Development Grants

The Tezos Foundation supports research and education on a wide spectrum of topics: distributed systems, cryptography, programming languages, formal verification, core protocol development. A significant amount of resources are allocated towards supporting scientists and engineers at top-tier institutions and organizations around the world, as well as educational programs to train future talents.

The latest Grants distribution allocated 11.2 million USD to 14 teams in different countries.

III. Ecosystem-Tools & Applications Grants

The Tezos Foundation supports many teams, which are building tools, new applications and contribute to the growth of the Tezos ecosystem in general.

The latest Grants distribution allocated 13.2 million USD to the entities working in 5 main directions:

  • Programming Languages and Libraries
  • Block Explorers
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications

Currently the application period for the Tezos Ecosystem Grants is closed. All previous applications are progressing through the review process.

The Evaluation process happens in 4 stages:

  1. Applications are initially vetted to ensure they fulfill the Tezos Foundation’s formal requirements. Formal requirements are published for prospective applicants via a Call for Proposals.
  2. Applications that pass through the initial review phase are sent to the Tezos Foundation’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), chaired by Tezos Foundation Council member Michel Mauny, for technical due diligence and evaluation. The TAC does not make grant decisions itself, but rather offers advice on an application’s technological strength and usefulness to the Tezos ecosystem.
  3. Applications that receive positive recommendations from the TAC complete a due diligence process before final decisions to approve, decline, or revise grant applications are made by the Tezos Foundation Council.
  4. Final decisions about grant applications are communicated to applicants after they are made by the Tezos Foundation Council. Lastly, approved applicants collaborate with the Tezos Foundation to complete legal paperwork before a grant is finalized.

Tezos Ukraine as an organization committed to develop Tezos ecosystem in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, will hold an online meetup about “Grants Experience”.
The meetup will be in Ukrainian and Russian languages, and everyone is welcome to join!


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