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For more than 3 years I might call myself a crypto-blogger. I joined Steemit in July 2017 and since then I try to be on every crypto blog platform. I'm not a successful and well-known crypto-blogger, my earnings are modest but on all platforms, I have thousands of subscribers combined. I have readers - this is what matters. I think even if you have several readers - that's already enough to consider yourself a crypto-blogger.

So I know all the aspects, all pros and cons of each crypto blogging platform. And what I want to say is that recently Read.Cash is definitely the leader. That's my opinion. It comes from personal experience and analysis. For crypto-bloggers it's good to be on as many platforms as possible, and if you are not yet Read.Cash member - join right now!


Huge Pros of Read.Cash

  1. You can follow my example publishing in the "Read cash first" way. If you publish your post on first - you will get "EXL" (Exclusive) badge for it, and it will have more views, and maybe more upvotes, more tips, etc.

  2. Thanks to fund, each day $500 is distributed via Random upvoter. From my experience, sometimes I earn cents, and sometimes even more than $1! I don't know the details of the algorithm, but you can expect you will copy/paste some existing content and will earn like this. Neither you won't earn by creating multiple accounts. There is protection, so if you are a new person to crypto-blogging - be yourself and either write interesting content or focus on something else.

  3. Affiliate program. Thanks to some people whom I invited before (Currently 28, and part of them are active) I get a few cents every day from this. It's an amazing affiliate program, and of course, if you are a new person - you can register to with my link and if you are active - I'll get few cents from your earnings. Not much, but this is something that can scale.

  4. You receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instantly. In other platforms sometimes you need to wait a week or a month. Here, just after upvote - you have cash in your account. That's because your account is a wallet at the same time. No delays and transactions are fast.

  5. There are some whales, like @MarcDeMesel who might notice your content and additionally upvote for some amount of $. Marc spent more than $200K for supporting and his contribution to the growth of this platform is huge.

  6. For a relatively low price, you can promote, boost your article. I did it several times, and I like the result, so now I recommend this option to my potential clients in marketing. First of all because we need to live in cryptoeconomy as much as we can. We need to abandon google and facebook when possible. That's why I don't want to advertise there. Also, the money left to stay in the ecosystem and part of it returns to me!

  7. There are interesting people on each platform. But on I can say there is a very good interesting/scammer ratio, that's also from my perspective as definition in "interesting" is personal.


Analysis comparing to other platforms in terms of earnings

I know a lot about each platform, but this would be very long post. Here I will focus on the earning aspect.



As you can see on Publish0x I earned more in past than now. This month all the earning are very modest, and most of them come from my 2 latest long posts (Ampleforth was only recently introduced there).

So as you can see from my screenshot I have there $7 which I made only in a week or so, and here less than $2 in a month.


Steemit & Hive

On Steemit even though I have 1600+ followers, I have 0 earning for the last months... Some people blame Justin Sun for this, and say that Hive is the new Steemit.

On Hive I earn maybe few dollars month (definitely less than on in a week) and most of it thanks to Team Ukraine community, but I post there only those posts which I think will be useful for the community.



On Uptrennd I earned maybe 1000-1771 tokens this month, which is $3-6. But you also need to know that in past I invested a lot of tokens to increase my level, which is now 21. It means that from each upvote I earn much more than newbie joining. So for new people it will be extremely hard to reach levels and then reach 3000 1UP tokens (current miminal withdrawal amount).



On LBRY I earned maybe a few dollars in all time, but not thanks to upvotes, but due to their incentive program. So they give you tokens for invites, for watching videos there. I'm going to upload there all my crypto videos from youtube, just to have an alternative backup. If you like to watch videos - I recommend you to join but if you are blogger writing texts, you might not find an audience there.



I earn on more than all other platforms combined. That's only the latest statistics. There were times when I earned a bigger amount on Publish0x, or in 2017-2018 I earned more on Steemit.

And yes, these are small amounts, so if you don't enjoy writing - don't try to become crypto-blogger. However, if you do - this is something that scales and can prevail for a long time. This is a great option to bring new people to the crypto-space.

Moreover on Read.Cash you earn Bitcoin Cash - you can spend it instantly, you can HODL it and you can invest it. Some of the people whom I know - joined this site and they are happy now, while other still didn't join - and if this post helped for at least 1 more person to join - mission accomplished)

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Student of cryptocurrencies and economics. Interested in Cardano, Algorand, Terra, BCH, Mina, Near, Hive, Steemit and many other interesting blockchains and projects

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Crypto Projects Information

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