Everstake in the Cardano ecosystem

Everstake is a team of experienced developers, financial experts, and blockchain enthusiasts, who run highly secure and reliable nodes for PoS protocols using enterprise-level hardware to ensure maximum efficiency and security.

While Everstake is present in over 40 blockchains, Cardano is one of the main blockchains both by the amount of stake and attention to the development, community, etc.

Currently Everstake (Group EVE) is one of the biggest SPO (stake pool operator) groups in the Cardano ecosystem with over 2.24% of all ADA delegated to one of 11 Everstake pools. 

Everstake is also ready to share the revenue with the community by introducing affiliate program. So influencers, partners and just people who know ADA whales might find this program beneficial. The example of how it's used via Yoroi broswer wallet is here and the process works the same in all wallets - the main part is to confirm the hash of the staking transaction.

Everstake actively participates in Cardano governance - Project Catalyst since the beginning: by taking part in townhalls, voting and even submitting its own proposal. Currently in Fund6 voting period has started and we have Educational materials about Cardano proposal. There are more ideas regarding development for the future Funds. 


More news from the Cardano ecosystem: 

  • As Goguen phase is implemented and Smart Contracts are live: more and more projects are starting on Cardano. The next few months will be very interesting in terms of the development. 

  • Cardano summit 2021 took place both offline in multiple locations (with the main one in Wyoming) and online. You can check videos of speeches here

  • Cardano Announced Partnerships With Dish Network, Chainlink, Acuant, COTI. More partnerships are coming soon! (link)

  • Hydra – Cardano’s solution for ultimate Layer 2 scalability (link)

  • EMURGO Establishes EMURGO Africa to Support 100 Local Startups Within 3 Years (link

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