Crypto door as the symbol of lost hopes

Crypto door as the symbol of lost hopes

This post might be a bit sad, so if you might prefer to stop reading at this point.

There is a saying "show somebody the door" which means to make it clear that someone is not welcome and should leave (Longman dictionary definition).

Some of you had similar situations (either in work or in relationships with people). Yesterday I gave the keys from my office and as a farewell took a photo of my crypto door.

I even remembered that a year ago when I founded a literature crypto bar, we had a lot of stickers there as well. When I had to leave that place in September 2019, of course, I didn't put off the stickers. Few days ago I was in that neighborhood, and I saw that the door was open (probably they were making some reparations) and I noticed that stickers are still there. So in September 2019, the bank which became the owner of the real estate showed me the door, and I had to move all the things and books into the office (something I put at home).

So my 2 room office was full of chairs, books, glasses, drinks. This photo is from there


The cryptodoor of Knygarium reminded me about the lost hopes to create the cult place of synergies between crypto-community, art, and creative economies.

And this crypto-door reminded me of the times when I started to rent this office in 2016 or 2017 with the hope of developing a bigger team there, expand into other rooms, or maybe even create a Hub there. While in fact, I worked there alone and then I allowed local publisher to keep there his books for free. Then, after the end of crypto bar, I had to move there different things so it became very packed and not so comfortable to work. I paid something around $180/month for 25 square meters (the room was separated in 2, and this door you see was the door between the rooms).

But now I understand that it's time to give up on this office. I spent all my crypto-reserves and understood that most of my plans from big (to build Crypto-vertex, crypto-valley) to small (find good crypto-project to work with) probably won't be fulfilled. Yes, there is always a chance, but for this time it's better to cut expenses as much as possible.

All these stickers on the door are presents from people and from several crypto-conference which I visited worldwide. Some of those projects ceased to exist, some fell very low in price, while others are growing and you know them well.

This crypto-door, or even the photo of it, as I won't see it anymore - remains the symbol of lost hopes for me.


Student of cryptocurrencies and economics. Recently interested the most in Cardano and hope to add even minor value to the process of building future's financial system

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Crypto Projects Information

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