Cardano wallets disappeared from mobile - one more example of why you should back up

Right now Cardano Project Catalyst has calm period, the next fund will start somewhere next year. My article "How to work for Cardano blockchain" got many views and responses and I'm contacting some projects who won in Fund9 Catalyst for interviews and possible cooperation. It's not so easy when Cryptotexty channel has a little bit more than 1000 subscribers, crypto entrepreneurs are usually busy and it's not so easy to set up an interview. Another reason is that now in Ukraine not all the time I have stable electricity and internet. However being a "digital nomad" has benefits now, as you can travel inside the country to look for locations where there is good internet and electricity.

The cryptocurrency industry is working actively despite the "bear market" and not-so-good crypto rates. So it's time to develop, time to study and research. I continue to check, test and review different crypto projects.

What I noticed recently is that my Cardano wallets disappeared from Eternl mobile wallet.

It's been some time since they disappeared and I don't know the reason. I tried to check but didn't find the answer. I've been using this wallet a lot as it's possible to use dapps with it (i.e. DEXes and NFT marketplaces). It's a really good wallet.

But one day I open it and I don't have my wallets. I used to have 4 wallets there, as I setup a separate wallet to work as PA, as vPA and one for being dRep in the future. And now they are all gone. All combined they had only around 50 ADA, but 2 of the wallets also had a lot of Cardano tokens and some NFTs.

Everything is ok, as I have the seed phrases and my main wallet is also in Yoroi. From Yoroi mobile app it didn't disappear.

Then I added my wallet to Flint wallet, and after several days it also disappeared. My guess is that it happens after some updates (I use android phone). That's only a guess and I don't have any answer for this, maybe somebody else knows.

But this small thing that happened led me to important albeit very simple advice - Always backup your seed phrase, and private key, especially from the wallets where you have some assets.

I imagined that some crypto newcomer came - created wallet, transferred some funds from the exchange, and then lost the wallet the same way as me... Mobile usage is very big, so we can't expect people will install Daedalus full node wallet and wait days for it to sync. From my experience I used cryptocurrencies on mobile maybe around 90% of the time or even more, I used mobile apps for exchanges and I have more than 10 different wallets on my phone. But this disappearing thing happened to me the first time. That's why I decided to write about it with only 1 important message: Always backup your seed phrase.

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