Cardano Interviews: Video and Full text version - 30+ interviews at Cryptotexty media

Cardano DAO - Project Catalyst, right now there is Fund11 and I'm sharing my proposal with you, my readers. I already submitted it on Ideascale and I'm looking forward to hear your feedback. Here is the main text of this proposal which I repeat to my crypto-blog readers.

Cardano Interviews: Video and Full text version - 30+ interviews at Cryptotexty media

Cardano and Catalyst awareness could be bigger in the cryptocurrency industry and beyond. We need more people both from other crypto communities and completely new people with creative experience


[SOLUTION] Please describe your proposed solution.

My solution is to increase awareness about Cardano and Project Catalyst by conducting interviews with entrepreneurs, Catalyst proposal winners, and prominent members of the Cardano ecosystem.

I've been doing similar interviews for years since Fund1.

After each interview, there will be a text version (transcription) and it will be published on 15+ crypto-blog platforms


[IMPACT] Please define the positive impact your project will have on the wider Cardano community.

This Cardano-related content will be focused on governance, the new changes in the Cardano ecosystem, and Project Catalyst. Also, I think it will be important to show Cardano people as human beings: who are they, how did they become interested in cryptocurrencies, why and when they joined Cardano, what is their vision, what are their goals?

The variety of this content will increase awareness about Catalyst and Cardano. Both the video version and text version will exist

All the videos will be done in live mode (I use Restream software) so the community can participate live or watch the video episode later on Cryptotexty channel. Then in a few days or up to 1 week, a text version will be prepared and also shared with the Cardano community and additionally on 15+ crypto blog platforms


[CAPABILITY & FEASIBILITY] What is your capability to deliver your project with high levels of trust and accountability? How do you intend to validate if your approach is feasible?

I'm running Cryptotexty channel since 2018 and somewhere since 2020 I did Cardano interviews and this is something which I will continue to do (even if my proposal is not supported)

I will validate this approach by the number of views, the feedback from Catalyst community, overall number of views from crypto-blogs.


[Project Milestones] What are the key milestones you need to achieve in order to complete your project successfully?

Milestone 1

Every interview will be a milestone.

Every interview will have a text version (in a few days or within a week)

Every interview will be shared with Cardano community and on 15+ crypto-blogs

I plan to do interviews at least 2-3 per week, so there will be at least 8 interviews per month, and the whole set of 30 interviews will be done in 2-3 months (or sooner)

The first milestone will be 10 interviews.

Milestone 2:

The second milestone will be 10 more interviews. So 20 interviews ready

Final Milestone:

The third and final milestone will be 10 more interviews. So 30 interviews in total.

I will make sure all text versions are done correctly and published on cryptoblogs and web-site


[RESOURCES] Who is in the project team and what are their roles?

The interviews will be done by me (Andrii, Cryptotexty)

For the text version (transcription and editing), publishing on crypto-blogs, and advertising I will ask the help of my assistant Alyona.

Depending on her availability I might engage other people in additional activities (Especially the creation of text version as it's the most time-consuming task)


[BUDGET & COSTS] Please provide a cost breakdown of the proposed work and resources.

Each interview cost breakdown:

1999 ADA per interview

(from this 999 ADA - transcription, editing, publishing of text version)

500 ADA - my rewards

500 ADA - reserved for video promotion, giveaways, rewards, etc.)

Total: 1999 x 30 = 59 970 ADA total budget


[VALUE FOR MONEY] How does the cost of the project represent value for money for the Cardano ecosystem?:

The cost of 1 interview is 1999 ADA (which at the moment of submission is $770, but when I came up with this interview idea in Fund10 - it was $580). I tend to calculate in ADA that's why I decided to keep the numbers the same in ADA.

This is not big compared to the general budget of the category and how much funds are spent on marketing.

We can also take into account that each video will be shared twice (as a video and then as a text version) on 15+ crypto blogs. So 770/30 = $25 (so that's only 19 dollars per publication)

And finally speaking, this is something I enjoy doing for free. Yes, I will continue this activity anyway.

But if we have Cardano Open category - why not try to get funding for doing what you like?..

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