Cardano DEXes are mobile friendly

Recently I tested DApp browser on Eternl wallet and so I can say that Cardano DEXes are now mobile friendly and it is very easy to trade Cardano-based tokens now, and use other services such as liquidity providing. So I decided to write this short post, and in case my readers will need, I can record video.

Eternal is now my favorite Cardano wallet, which I'm using for a long time. Now you can connect your account and use Dexes and other services (I.e. NFT marketplaces) just from your wallet.

I used Dripdrops in past, so I have a bunch of Cardano tokens and I decided to check all Dexes which are available on the list.

On SundaeSwap I traded 17 000 DRIP tokens and I got 29 ADA (4.85 ADA was spent for the fees)

Then I sold 2 other tokens on Minswap and Wingriders, without making money as those tokens were so cheap. I just wanted to test if everything works fine. Muesliswap was not connecting for me (but maybe that's temporary problem or the problem with my phone).

The biggest problem which I see, is that most of those tokens I have have no liquidity, no demand so I can't trade them, or I can but I will receive much less than transaction fees... but there are many other tokens which I don't have and which have sufficient market.

My conclusion is that Dapp browser in Eternl wallet is very powerful thing for bringing more users and crypto adoption for newcomers in Cardano ecosystem.

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