Cardano Catalyst Fun10 Rewards distrubuted - my experience

Just recently reward from Fund10 of Catalyst were distributed. It took a while, and till the last moment I didn't know which amount I will receive. In this Fund10 unfortunately I lost the elections - it means I will have no work in the Cardano ecosystem for the next months... yes Catalyst is highly competitive environment. Although I take part since Fund1 - and during these years I accumulated huge knowledge about Catalyst and Cardano, rarely other Catalyst winners want to share their ADA from projects. But if you are developer with Haskell knowledge - there will be demand for your work. So let's see what I received.

175 ADA for reviews - this is much less than it used to be in previous funds. But still that's good as I did maybe 7 reviews, less than 10 definitely. Being community reviewer is the easiest way to earn some ADA, but you need to studying project of course and write a thoughtful review.

1.4313 ADA is the reward for voting. I knew this reward will be small, as I had around 2000 ADA at the time. There are people who are ADA millionaires - their reward is of course might be serious. I take part in governance as I'm interested in the process abd even though my vote weight is minimal, it's good to consider yourself active participant.

As you can see - even this small reward I had to sell in order to cover big bank loan, which I took to repair my car (and the car I need first of all to do my army duties well).

But still there is a chance to win in Fund11 and next Cardano funds. There is a chance to find partner who will be interested in creation Cardano company, or just find somebody who needs consulting regarding Cardano.

And do you take part in Catalyst or any crypto governance, DAO?

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