Cardano and Bitcoin Cash cooperation

From the recent video by Charles Hoskinson "Saturday Night Live" I've heard about Cardano and Bitcoin Cash cooperation. So the text will be below and here is the line from me, where I recommend both Cardano and BCH communities.

I follow Cardano community mostly on Cardano Forum and Reddit. And as it seems to me, the biggest BCH community is on the Read.Cash so you might join it. And if you are already there - join Cardano community on Read.Cash which I created not so long ago.

Here is the text which I transcribed from youtube, and if you want to listen to in in the original - you can start listening at 21:20.

"We're also pushing some things in the Bitcoin Cash community. My CTO used to work there, in that in that space. So he has a lot of friends in the BCH community and I think there are some unique things that we could provide there for wrapped BCH, especially in the governance as a service. So we'll let you know but you'll be able to see the Litecoin and BCH repos when we submit the BCH improvement proposal and the LIP improvement proposal."

So maybe I will be one of the first people to test both wrapped BCH and the governance features. I have both Cardano (which I plan to stake very soon with AzureADA stake pool and BCH which I earn for publications at Read.Cash publishing platform

So I hope to cover these developments soon in more detail.

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