AzureADA [AZUR] -Premium Stake Pool running on Microsoft Azure

If you hold Cardano (ADA), it's great to earn additional rewards (around 6% APR) with staking. It's very easy to stake from Daedalus wallet, Yoroi, Adalite, etc. But what's not so easy is to choose a stake pool operator (SPO), if you are not actively engaged in the Cardano community. That's why I have a recommendation.


Why Should You Choose AzureADA?

There are a lot of stake pools out there to choose from. Thank you for considering us. Find out why we are an excellent choice. Choose stake pool operators who are experienced, have a solid infrastructure, and have skin in the game. Below are just a few of the reasons why AzureADA (with ticker AZUR) is a pool you can trust to grow your ADA investment. See the Frequently Asked Questions below for some concrete tips to help you choose the best pool.


Multiple Professionals

We have not one, not two, but THREE main team members. Our ops guy has over 20 years in IT security and consulting and ran all the IT operations for two separate companies. He is Azure certified (indicating a proven level of competency). Our dev guy actually develops on the Azure platform. And we have a business and marketing guy to keep things organized and rolling. This give us more than one set of eyes and hands to run the pool.


Large Pledge

Pledge is how much ADA we, as stake pool operators invested in the stake pool and promise to keep in it. It is an indication that we have "skin in the game" and are super-serious about being successful. At the time of writing this, we are in the top 3.8% of pool pledge... we have more invested than over 96% of the other pools.

We've also invested thousands of dollars into our infrastructure, marketing, and other elements of our stake pool, above and beyond our ADA holdings.



Enterprise-class is a fancy way of saying that we're not playing around. We use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, the biggest, most secure, and most feature-rich cloud platform in the world. Mission-critical systems are hosted on the Azure cloud.

If banks and hospitals trust Azure with their sensitive and life-saving systems, you can rest assured that it will run your stake pool just fine.

We follow industry best practices in how we architect and run the stake pool.



As you can see from our topology diagram below, our Cardano server infrastructure has a global footprint. We leverage Microsoft Azure's world-class distributed network and have the flexibility to deploy servers around the globe. We currently have servers in:

  • Japan

  • The Netherlands

  • France

  • USA


Layered Security

Without divulging too much of our secret sauce, we layer multiple security features on top of one another. We enlist current best practices like air-gapped workstation, multi-factor authentication, restricting management traffic to specific locations, certificate based authentication, etc.

We may add breathalyzer tests, DNA testing, paper-scissors-rock competitions, or virtual arm wrestling in the future. Are those things available yet? Hmm, have to check on that.


Nimble & Adaptive

With 3 separate Azure tenants, and a flexible work schedule, we are able to respond quickly to any changing circumstances.

Our infrastructure can be moved and changed in a matter of minutes to best contribute to decentralization.



If you look at our Twitter feed, you'll see that we are VERY involved in Cardano. We post almost daily at times.

Recently, we held a live Meetup in Kyiv with a key Cardano player, professor Roman Oliynykov, from IOG, who helped develop the Ouroboros protocol. We have other Meetups scheduled.


Cardano fans since 2017

We've been closely following Cardano project since 2017 and have invested substantially, both time and money. We are all in! Each of us own ADA and has skin in the game. We each have Cardano tattoos. So do all our kids. OK, no tattoos, but you never know what the future holds!

You can check more information at the web-site:

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