Visionless Battling Warrior.

By irock | Crypto-Pressure | 12 Jan 2021

            Am fighting myself over materials accepted and recognized once why would society we live execute such act notwithstanding most of that I believe its an act of wickedness if putting on my desired outfit outside wouldn't be less condemned this is a call for social justice amongst us.

Battling with my head maybe this a dream or am insane but the holiday wasn't going like perfection. Staying here seem too isolated felt like that inside of me everything was going in crumb I couldn't resist that until this way and mind were at set this felt great in a wrong way am new to everything those old friends couldn't act like strangers no goodness less benefactor all this like plaques to my face,looking for an angel to cry towards all I saw where empty closed doors locked to heed when I come knocking I battle in shame for my love to prove given out for you hoping it worth things required by you all.


We started the journey its been long not too long we all amazed at the level of strength in play amongst all we still till we had form of being grateful meditating on my journey so far I came along hurdles running at my own pace would be slow but covers more in leaps kept sure I had considered targets goals and measured for a profitable summer its a quest I pursue for inquiries from the future its was craze all along.


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