Could Loopring Start Altseason?

By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 7 Jun 2020

If you have been on this site for a while, you've seen how Loopring or ticker $LRC was added not too long ago. Around that time it was like 2-3 cents & I was saying that it was massively undervalued. Well I've been watching it for the past week & it has been making EXCELLENT gains! It is now at $0.08 and gunning for $0.09 even. 10 cents around the corner? We'll see! I hope you were able to pick up a bag when I recommended it back in April. If you did, you already made out like a thief in the night & maybe even more gains to come soon, as the world starts to pick up on what is happening in the Loopring dex & beyond!






What's driving this run up? Well it seems that Loopring has succeeded in launching a Layer 2 protocol built overtop Ethereum's ecosystem. What could this mean? Well finally after hell knows how long, it seems Ethereum is close to launching the Layer 2 protocol. This would bring instant & free payments to users taking advantage of Ethereum & tokens built on top of it, which could be a game changer! Everyone knows Ethereum is the second most used cryptocurrency by volume, especially when you include $USDT, which is by far the most used stable coin in cryptocurrency, and with Ethereum trading at a premium of almost 1000% on Grayscale, I see BIG THINGS in the horizon for not only hodlers but people who use the cryptocurrency or underlying protocol on a daily basis like I do. The only thing holding it back is it's ability to send tokens around on the protocol & the fees that are involved. The network congestion usually isn't much of an issue but at times can be & I've seen fees as high as $1 which would be a thing of the past when Layer 2 officially launches.



So what is my advice? Well the most sound advice I could give is get a big bag of Loopring, which will work closely with Ethereum's impending Layer 2 protocol launch, & also make sure you have some Ethereum (and maybe some Chainlink) in your portfolio! Who else is bullish for the rest of 2020 & beyond??

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