Tried and tested - these surveys do pay (although admittedly do become tedious)

By kamikimms | Crypto Observer | 16 Jun 2021

For those looking to earn crypto, surveys offer an opportunity to cash in. Having used Idle Empire I've observed that they do pay out and the rate isn't bad. Over the course of a week I accumulated just over 6 USD. 

If you're looking to earn keep the following in mind:

1. don't provide a telephone number - you'll get cold called
2. keep your responses consistent over multiple surveys (i.e. age, Professional, Income etc.. Think of a made up persona and stick with it)
3. if they ask if you work in a specific profession always answer "No"
4. if they ask if you work for a specific company always answer "No"
5. Use a burner email or secondary email address - you will receive spam 

A snap shot of my earnings a while back:


Payments can be made by various cryptos, including:



All in all, these surveys do pay, they do become somewhat tedious but if you stick to them the earnings will gradually accumulate. Just remember the cost of reward is your time (which you cannot do anything about) and your information (which you can control by being consistently misleading).

I've attached a referral link  
I'll get a kick back if you use it (20%), and you'll get 500 points, but if you'd rather not use that, here is a non-referral link

Happy surveying :)
(not affiliated, but have used this a fair bit and thought I'd share)



Other ways I've discovered to earn free cryptos:

Free Daily Algorand - part of my morning routine to receive free crypto
Earn while you browse - If you’re browsing the internet why not earn while you’re doing it with a browser?

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