Tried and tested - Bling Games pay in Crypto (although you'll need to watch an ad that you'll never buy from)

By kamikimms | Crypto Observer | 17 Jun 2021

Like many, I've ventured around the internet to see where free cryptos can be picked up. 
Along my adventures I came across Bling Games - a suit of mobile games that allows you to accumulate points and then trade them for Santohsis. 

  • Important: You can withdraw once per week
  • Does it actually pay out - Yes 

You are given 15 'credits/plays' a day and once they are finished you'll need to wait until the next day. But here is the good news - all of their games are interconnected, meaning any points you accumulate in one game carries over to the other, so essentially you have 15x6 plays a day (they have 6 games).


I haven't heavily played Bling games, simply for the reason that I enjoy another game much more, but, if you're on the move and want to earn crypto while on the bus, train etc this is worth a try. So far I've received just over 3 euros for 1 week sporadic play.

Game types:
They are all relatively simple and straight forward, point and shoot, match boxes (Tetris style), throw daggers etc

After each "big boss" you'll need to sit through an Ad - this is obviously where the momentum of gaming stops and how the developer makes their revenue.


You'll never get addicted to the game as it isn't challenging and the ads do become annoying after a while, there is only so many times you can sit through the same ad suggesting you donate to UNICEF! but... if you're looking for a mobile game(s) to collect crypto when you have nothing else to do, this may be an option (that pays). 

Visuals 9/10 - it's professionally designed
Trust 10/10 - I've performed multiple transactions
Gameplay 8/10 -  simple and swift
Longevity 3/10 - this is a personal measurement - there isn't enough depth and challenge there for me personally (if i had a daily commute I may have answered differently)
Challenge 2/10 - clearly the aim of the game isn't to challenge the player, it's to get them through 3 rounds to face the big boss and see an ad

Website (not an affiliate link)

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Crypto Observer

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