Maybe Investing In Fiat Currencies Could Be Considered 'Risky Business'...

Crypto enthusiasts will know that there are a large army of naysayers who are quick to denounce cryptocurrencies as a ‘risky’ investment that ‘could lose its value’. Although no-one can be certain of the future of any investment, fiat cash isn’t exactly proving itself as a non ‘risky’ holding and is certainly losing its value.

Fiat Currency’s Economic And Ethical ‘Value’

1 Even though there’s way more of it, the average person is now holding less of it pro-rata and is expected to work longer to retire from earning it every week/month. That's if this is even achievable for many. Freedom?

2. Fiat money's value has decreased for a few years. Currency collapses, hyperinflation and continued supply of fiat into debt-ridden monetary systems have seen many citizens of those countries suffer greatly through relying solely on it. Safe?

3. It allows 2 people to scrape a living earning it for 40 hours a week if they are lucky, instead of maybe one person working to acquire the same a few years ago. Quality of life tool?

4. The average person gets next to zero interest on it in the bank. Many banks already take (negative interest rates) or are considering taking it off you to hold your 'non-risky' fiat money. Good investment?

5. In every country, a few people own most of it and use it in ways to make sure you need it. That’s if you qualify for a job, mortgage or loan to enjoy the privilege of being controlled by your need for it. Equality for everyone?

6. In many countries, our retirement and possibly health are determined by it, but it’s not looking good. It’s poorly funding retirement schemes and hospital bills are the number one reason for bankruptcy in America. In many countries, lack of it means virtually no hope of retirement or decent medical care. Are you being paid enough to avoid this without considering other options?

7. If It’s so rated by financial ‘experts’ then why are those same experts switching in droves to alternative investments such as cryptocurrencies and commodities? And why aren’t the media telling you this as much as keeping your abusive love affair with fiat currency going? Do as we say....?

8. Why do poor people struggle through lack of it by being denied basic rights to acquire it then we judge it as being 'charitable' if we bail them out at the point of starvation? Inclusive and ethical? 

9. Why are people judged on how much of it they have when most are struggling to get it but trying to look like they have it? Doesn't make sense does it?

10, If fiat money was considered important enough to protect your health, wealth and happiness then why don’t they teach you about it in school? Maybe you were supposed to be unprepared in how to use it?

Is it any wonder so many are prepared to follow the growing corporate, institutional and high net worth individual’s billions of dollars of faith into crypto to join them in a potentially more beneficial way of improving their own lives? Maybe like the aforementioned, they would like to find a cost effective way to invest financially in the world we all live in?

There are no guarantees in life and many investing in crypto are aware that the ‘risk’ of ‘putting all of their eggs in one basket’ applies as much to fiat money as it does to cryptocurrencies.


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