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Exploring Coinbase - Free Money!

By Crypto-Noo₿ | Crypto-Noo₿ | 1 Jun 2020

I got another invite from Coinbase today.  This one was to learn about the EOS cryptocurrency based on the EOSIO protocol.  If you use this link, you can learn more about it too via Coinbase's Earn program.  By watching videos demonstrating how different cryptocurrencies work, you can earn tokens in that currency.  It was easy to sign up for the Earn program - and it's free money!  To date, I've learned about Orchid (OXT), Tezos (XTZ), EOS, and Stellar (XLM).  They each have different, interesting nuances about how they approach block-chain development.  I think I'll be doing NOO₿ posts on each of these more popular cryptocurrencies later.

Here is a link to sign up for a Coinbase account if you don't have one already:

Then, here are links to start learning to earn a few different cryptocurrencies:

I enjoy the videos, because they take time to describe some cryptocurrency and block-chain concepts that I haven't fully understood.  Plus, I'm getting paid to do it.  I think they have a really good program going to provide incentives for people to educate themselves about the cryptocurrency markets.  Right now, I think they will hold a key place in our financial future.  

For those of you that are still interested in opportunities to make money in non-crypto markets, here are links to free money from some stock market brokerages: Robinhood, Webull and SoFi.

I'm hoping to keep finding good places to learn and earn!



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