Is it a good time to buy bitcoin now?????

By Le Dex | Crypto-No Financial Advise | 30 Apr 2021

Bitcoin hit ATH (All Time High) and the price is still too high. Someone can easily assume that Bitcoin came here to stay. But there are other cryptos (Alt coins) that came in market to stay with bitcoin too. 

First of all, we have to agree that Bitcoin owns almost the half market cap so Bitcoin's route impacts the whole market. However, we can agree the rest of crypto own more than the other half market cap so all other crypto can impact to Bitcoin's price too.

As we see in all time chart of bitcoin, and we focus on previous all time high and this one we will see that Bitcoin's price rised up to 3.5 times. Bitcoin became bully and made market bully for 5 months in a row. So if someone bought a bitcoin in 2018 (that many people say it was a high-buy price) at 16000$ and he still has it, he has profit now. And he probably has more than 300% profit.'s All Time High 2017-2021

If we see this chart we can assume that this is not good time to buy Bitcoin. Cuz the price is too high and its hard to take 200% profit right now with Bitcoin at 100.000$. But its not unreachable. History says it. This chart shows us that always can be a good time to buy bitcoin. We are in the start of blockchain evolution and devaluation of fiat. 

Probably, there are other crypto that can take even more that 200% than bitcoin. As we see in the second chart, Cardano hit ATM too, but this pick is not too far from the previous one.

Cardano All Time High 2017-2021

And if Bitcoin hits 100.000$ Cardano has the infrastructure (ex. Ecosystem) to hit 1000%. And if I am wrong about the short term, we can all agree that sometime Bitcoin will hit 100.000$ . Even the most Bitcoin's disbelievers, now know it. So it's always a good time to buy Bitcoin but there are other bargains too!!! 

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Crypto-No Financial Advise
Crypto-No Financial Advise

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