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British entrepreneur and writer Clem Chambers, a possible war between the US and Iran claimed to carry Bitcoin $ 100,000.

British entrepreneur Clem Chambers, who argued that Bitcoin would drop to $ 3000, would show a big return in 2019, and succeeded in this estimate, claimed that if the growing tension between the US and Iran would result in a war, it would push Bitcoin to $ 100,000.

”Bitcoin is new gold“

Speaking at the Daily Express, Chambers said several factors contributed to the increase in Bitcoin's price, including US pressure against Iran. . You're Iranian and you want to protect part of your wealth or you have to leave Iran and you're worried lı You used to buy gold - Bitcoin is the new gold, Chamb Chambers said.

Stating that Bitcoin has reached the bottom and has been leaping for technical reasons, Chambers said that the trade war between the US and China also had an impact. The author of Forbes, worried about everyone holding Chinese Yuan, said that precisely for this reason the Chinese would take Bitcoin with their coins.

Chambers, another important contribution of the digital currency exchange Coinbase'in crypto coins to facilitate daily life, such as the development of Visa debit cards, such as developments, he said.

You can't put the crypto in the bottle, it's out of the bottle. 

The British writer, on the other hand, claimed that a terrible disaster, such as a war between Iran and the United States, would lead people to invest in crypto money and would result in Bitcoin reaching $ 100,000.
”There is no way to avoid disaster with existing systems“

Chambers said, fel People will run to the crypto money very quickly, because there is no way to avoid disaster with the existing economic and financial systems. If there is war in any form, the value of the crypto money will be the ceiling. I mean, if the US and Iran go to war, Bitcoin will be $ 100,000. Or North Korea occupied South Korea. Something like that. Any unusual thing moves Bitcoin to incredible points. But I hope this never happens. 

Climbing Tension

Recently, the tension between the US and Iran is climbing. The American press says the White House is preparing for war. Refusing these allegations, President Trump says Iran will want to sit at the table. On the other hand, Iran's religious leader Khamenei stated that under these conditions, they would definitely not sit at the negotiating table. The recent attacks against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in conflict with Iran are increasing the tension.



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