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By Colgate | Crypto news Snippets | 28 Apr 2021

First let's talk about, I know a lot of people from publish0x are on it but for those who are not it’s a micro-blog site which hands out free tips in bitcoin cash to bloggers and they can use it to tip people content, keeping some for themselves.

Now i have assed it and made about $40 on it. So I thought I would see how well it's trending


So the interest is a bit lumpy, we can see that the 5 day rolling avg is trending upwards, even if it is slowly.
Ok so which countries have the most interest? We have some countries where the free tip amount is going to have real real value, plus some where the population is really embracing crypto, so it makes sense.

For those that are interested in Philippines key hot spots (sorry the rest of the country's had very little data worth showing)


All images are from google search trends


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Crypto news Snippets
Crypto news Snippets

I hope to pass on what I think a (hopefully) quick, interesting or important crypto news snippets. Definitely not a blog format!

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