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Student Coin (STC)


Before we get started on the features of Student Coin (STC), what actually is this token?

To keep the beginning short, Student Coin (STC) aims to change the future of the digital economy. Student Coin (STC) is actually one of first platforms, which allows its users to design, create and manage personal NFT and DeFi tokens. 

Moreover, Student Coin (STC) can be compared to a platform like Facebook. The teams plans to use Student Coin (STC) to connect students and organizations from over 500 of the world’s best universities. The use of personal, DeFi and NFT tokens for everyone, Student Coin (STC) allows users to create and and build their own tokens as easily as creating a social media profile.

Currently, Student Coin (STC) is still in there ICO phase, over the past months they have reached round 49 of funding, meaning one Student Coin (STC) can be acquired for $0.012. 

Features of Student Coin (STC)

As of now (06/03/2021), there are two main features available for the user of  Student Coin (STC). Other features are planned, and two more will be added around Q3 2021.

Available features

       1. The learning page

The learning page is quite straight forward, it was created to educate people about crypto currencies. The learning page is divided into five main categories, from basic blockchain technology to the most common crypto assets.

       2. The voting rights

This feature provides you with the opportunity to vote in project planning decisions. It furthermore allows you to join university elections by holding their Student Coin (STC).

Upcoming features 

The upcoming features, are directly listed on the Student Coin website under its own ICO

       1. The exchange platform – which will be released in Q3 2021 and will probably increase the Student Coin (STC) value in no time;

       2. Personal tokens

Last Words

I personally like where this project is going and see huge growth potential. But as always do you own research as none of this is financial or investment advise. 

If you were to sign up, please consider using my referral link:

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