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Hopefully, all of you are already aware of the great Brave Browser. I know it is great to earn some BAT Tokens by just completing your daily search routines. But is there an even better possibility to earn tokens? Yes there is and it might not be easier to get started. If you use the ultimate DUO of a Browser and an Extension, money will be flowing in. 

Let us combine and discuss the importance of the Brave Browser and the Presearch Extension and how you can get 25 Presearch Tokens (PRE) for absolutely free.

The Brave Browser


Before getting into the extension, let us discuss the incredible options you have with the Brave Browser. Because most of you are already aware of the Brave Browser, I will keep this paragraph short. 

Through the Brave Browser, you can easily earn BAT by simply using it, this is what makes the browser so attractive. If you are not earning, Brave rewards just yet, make sure your reward setting is turned on. By see ads, you can earn BAT and also the monthly claim rewards, let you increase your BAT count. To withdraw the currency, all you have to do is connect an appropriate wallet. 

The Presearch Extension


Most of you probably haven't heard about this extension just yet, so I will provide as much information as possible. 

It is pretty great to earn cryptocurrencies through faucets, browsers and miners but what about extensions? While you get paid browsing the web in the Brave Browser, you do not earn anything for simply searching something in the internet. But Presearch enables you to do so. 

So what actually is Presearch?

To put it simple, Presearch allows you to earn Presearch tokens (PRE) by simply searching for something in the web. Upon receiving the rewards, you can decide to buy services or exchange the collected tokens for other currencies.

Furthermore, Presearch doesn't track and store any private information you might leave, while searching the web. This is unlike other industry giants, like google.

If you want to earn 25 PRE Tokens right from the start, than use my referral link.   


At the following sites, I currently exchange my PRE Tokens:

The Power DUO


Now you might already understand, why this is currently the power DUO, simple combine the browser extension with Brave and start earning money, by simply doing you daily searches. Make sure you set Presearch as your standard search engine.


Thank You

I hope I was able to give you an insight into the current POWER DUO consisting of the Brave Browser and the PRESEARCH Extension

Let me know in the comments, what you thought about the blog, I am open for any kind of feedback.

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Earn Crypto Online
Earn Crypto Online

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