Why Publish0x monthly Withdrawals suit me!

By Steven_BA | Crypto-Newbie | 9 Sep 2020

I am not a very good connoisseur of the crypto world, but I have seen that Publish0x is facing great difficulties. I admit, I have no idea what gas fees and other similar things mean, no matter how much I have read on the subject lately. Anyway, I have my friend Paul who explains to me every time what happens.


Going back to Publish0x, I even read a very interesting article earlier and I totally agree with what the author wrote. Anyway, I did not use to give a tip just for the sake of giving it. Usually, when I read something I gave at least 20% tip and I was increasing the percentage according to the level at which I liked the article.

I can also actively participate and write without receiving anything in return, especially now in these troubled times for ETH and gas fees. My goal here on Publish0x was not to get rich, I already explained this in a recent article.

On Sunday night I made a withdrawal and the boys really kept their word, ETH entering my wallet without any problem. However, I consider much better a monthly withdrawing than a weekly one. I personally did not make a fortune weekly. I understand that the taxes are very high and in the end we must all be show understanding. It's all about giving back, now that others need my help.

I think that, with monthly payments, we, the users, can show understanding and appreciation for Publish0x.


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