The Harvest.Finance Naughty Elf

By Steven_BA | Crypto-Newbie | 23 Dec 2020

As Christmas is fast approaching, the $FARM universe offers to the little farmers a new contest. It's more than a contest, it's actually a festive edition: Harvest Finance 'Farm Arts' Creativity Contest ROUND 4 - FESTIVE EDITION. Round 4 of the Creativity Contest, now with 75 prizes instead of 50. Wishing you a Chadtastic 2021. 


It's my fourth contest already and maybe this time I will win a prize. I'm just a mini-farmer with my lucky $10 winnings from a previous contest. The experience that I've gained is tremendous, honestly, and my research placed me in a position to learn many things, especially about $FARM, and not only. Enjoy the harvest every season! 


This time, I up my game and squeezed my brain to come up with something even more creative than the last three times.

So, DEAR $farmers, I present you the Harvest Finance naughty elf, Chadster. But first, let me tell you his story and how he got into crypto. 

Once upon a time, some Europeans went to the North Pole looking for Santa Klaus. The journey was full with obstacles, but they managed to reach the destination safe and sound. But what did they find over there? 

Santa's village was like no other: millions of Christmas lights, cobbled streets full of snow, reindeer roamed freely and thousands of elves. There was also a rail station and even an airport, but no tourists. Only Santa was using them, when his sleight wasn't available. There was also a post office where millions of letters from around the world were arriving for Santa to read them to fulfill all children's wishes.


In their quest of finding Santa, our beloved Europeans went to the post office to ask for directions to Santa's house. At the reception, there was an elf, a happy elf, full with energy and glad to see humans for the first time in his life. So, they talked and talked, and the elf was asking so many questions that many nights and days passed until the humans realized that they still have a quest to complete. 

Throughout their talks, the elf revealed a dark secret about himself: he used to read the letters of children around the world, without Santa knowing. Due to this, he wished to leave the North Pole and start living among humans, because the world fascinated him. He wanted to see tropical forests, warm beaches and other birds and animals. Therefore, he begged humans to take it with them, on their journey back home. 


He liked the Christmas decorations and the Christmas trees, specially hanging there between the lights and globes. But he never abandoned Harvest and he always added his own tree decorations. 

This is how Chadster, the naughty elf, started a new life, living among us, buying bread and giving bread to other people, eating bananas, playing with toys, eating ketchup and having a Christmas tree and so on. Still, he had to make a living, so he focused on $farming. Chadster used to provide LP and with the help of fETC and fBTC he was earning enough BreadForThePeople for his village. 


He was an intelligent elf and (that's secret, he had some magic powers too), after buying lands, he started to grow things.    


Chadster build his own farm, with cows, pigs, horse, chickens and many other animals. He also cultivated his lands with cereals, especially wheat and corn and started to grow vegetables. 


He loved eating bananas and he was the biggest banana importer from his town, so people used to call him "the king of bananas". 


Doing so well, Chadster was very happy with his life. He was healthy and his businesses were making a lot of profit, but he wasn't quite a spender. Seeing so many poor people around him, he decided to spend his money in order to make others happy too. He opened a bakery and every morning he gives bread to the people. 


After many years living among humans, Chadster began to feel alone, so he asked Santa Klaus's approval to bring his girl-elfriend with him. They became business partners and their profits increased even better than before. 


Chadster, the king of bananas, supports the economy of the village. He hired many people to use his tractors and expanded his business with growing pumpkins. 


The elf started to cultivate everything, even tomatoes. He harvests everything and profits are redirected to poor people. 


Even when sleeping, Chadster dreams about the amazing APY at Harvest.Finance. 

Merry Christmas to you all!!!



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