3 months into the crypto-universe

By Steven_BA | Crypto-Newbie | 31 Oct 2020

I kept saying in my posts and articles over the last three months that I was no complete stranger to the crypto-world, but my real experience started 3 months ago with Publish0x. Before that, I was reading news regarding cryptocurrencies and just that. I couldn't understand too much because my knowledge was close to zero. I remember now that I was aware of what Bitcoin and Ethereum are and, honesty, that's all. I had a friend who told me almost 4 years ago that he invested a couple of hundreds dollars in ETH and he made a profit of almost $6k in just a few months. I was thinking then "wow, that's a lot of money and my friend did nothing basically. Easy money."

**going back to geopolitics there is the concept of "easy money" but nothing good comes out of this. It's quite interesting, you should read about it. 


Anyway, going back to the main subject of my today's post, Publish0x was my first "investment" and my first tactical move into this new experience. When I say investment I wasn't referring to money per se. I was talking about time. Time is of the essence and, of course, time is money. Time to read, time to do research, time to understand and time to write and to interact with the other users. I did not have too much free time anyway.

I honestly say (and not just because I use this platform) that Publish0x is a very good help for beginners. I can find all kind of information about cryptocurrencies and most of all, I can read others' experience, which is more important than the theory itself. I learn from my experience and I learn from the experience of others. I "steal" all the good things and I avoid all the bad things. Once I'm done with this, I've always shared my good and bad experience with you. 

In just three months I earned 9.0399 BAT, 11.9178 LRC and 0.04460629 ETH (and a few DAI before the cryptocurrency was taken out from the platform). I've published 40 articles, with thousands of views, hundreds of like and a few dislikes of course. The best posts were about crypto, even if sometimes I scored big with my articles where I tried to analyse some geopolitical situations and events that happened around the globe. I wish people to be more interested in the events that are happening around us. Many thanks for those that read my post and left comments and engaged in dialogue with me.  

I've also won a contest with my post Can a crypto beginner benefit from DEXToken? the prize being $10 in ETH. I'm waiting the results for the second contest about $FARM. 


I also claim daily theCryptoFaucet.com. I've never missed a day in the last three months. I have 19 referrals, which is not quite bad. I withdrew only once 119.47 XVG and tonight I will withdraw again 53.84 XVG. It's a bit disappointing because my 217.54 DOGE withdrawal is still pending, even if I requested it on the 19th of September 2020. I hope there is still enough XVG at least. 

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PipeFlare and GlobalHive work nicely. Everyday I'm there to claim my reward. The last two weeks represented a problem to my routine because the Brave browser collapsed and all captcha codes are messing with my brain. Instead of doing the claim in a few seconds, sometimes I do it in a couple of minutes. Waste of time due to Brave. Thanks Brave, good job!! My rewards do into my Atomic Wallet account. I'm so lucky that many people trusted my referrals and they registered with my links, so I really score big with this. Thanks! ZEC, PIVS, DASH and even the newest, FLR, are all interesting. Lifetime earnings from my referrals from PipeFlare is 0.01899692 ZEC and GlobalHive scored 0.00108088 ZEC. The big difference among these two is that PipeFlare has that wonderful Tier system where I score big. I hope GlobalHive will adopt it too soon. 

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One more disappointing thing is that Coinbase does not allow me to earn at all. I'm always on the waiting list. I think I know the problem, but it's not really fair. I tried using a VPN but it doesn't work either, so all I have to do is wait. I can wait. 


That's all for now. See you soon! 


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