By Gamerents | Crypto Newbie Corner | 16 Apr 2021

So it finally happened eveything was set, I'd been doing my homework watching the market and then BAM my taxes hit...

After much deliberation and bickering with my wife I finally took the plunge and bought into some crypto. $DOGE

Don't worry folks this investment has nothing to do with the obvious scam I wrote about earlier.

This seems like a good point to remind people that I'm not expert when it comes to cryptocurrencies not even a little bit, please do not take my advice to heart or as a wise choice at all. Also never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Anyway it's been a few days since my purchase and now I couldn't be happier with my choice! So far I have seen an amazing return in a short period of time, all I can hope for is the same thing we all are, that this could be the next BTC and end all our financial woes. But who knows it may end up just being another pipe dream but right now I'm buckling up to ride the it to the moon!

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Crypto Newbie Corner
Crypto Newbie Corner

I'm just a crypto newbie just trying to make it in a big new crypto world.

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