The Absolute Manure Pile of YouTube Crypto News

I do a lot of work at night, which keeps me in front of a computer. That said, it can get boring, so I do try to have some white noise going with something interesting, and my favorite tends to be documentaries. However, doing this sort of thing every night can burn through a lot of content quickly. So, usually about mid-month, I've already mentally eaten through everything new on Netflix and Amazon Prime. That leaves me with YouTube for additional interesting extended news stories and reporting. Unfortunately, it's also like jumping into a swimming pool crowded with kindergartners smacked up on sugar. 

What to Expect, Not Much

Last night's flurry at least 15 bits about how BTC EFTs were being denied, rumored denied, going to be denied or never saw the light of day denied. Of course, each one of them was literally some Photoshop montage of Gensler's face or the SEC symbol, Bitcoin in the background, and the YouTuber's face showing feigned shock at events. And, lo and behold, was there anything substantive? Of course not. Each one was maybe 5 seconds rehashing what was already announced on Decrypt or or other crypto news and about 20 minutes of someone babbling from their bedroom/social media studio duct tape confab about what they thought regarding Bitcoin now failing, flash dropping or anything losing steam. Uh. ok. 

Now, the above is not really surprising. It's just another evolution of clickbait, since that's what these folks need to sustain hits, traffic and ideally, their YouTube ranking for income and adverts. That said, it's all about appealing as a hot, stinking pile of cow poop.

What I Would Love to See More of on YouTube

I would love to see some in-depth material grow and add more channels, to be honest. While I don't like his style and sensationalism and other's misery, I do give credit to Coffeezilla's episodes. They at least show a good amount of time and effort in producing really good investigation material. If you parse out the typical, "We've got the goods on them!" opinions, the rest of his content is actually very informative. But it's like a diamond in a sandstorm. Rare. For example, his bit on Celsius and Meshinky's background was some pretty good info. Would have loved to have known about this character's pedigree before I lost my $500 in Celsius versus well after the fact.

Both DW and PBS put out some really good content, but much of it tends to be socially-oriented versus on crypto, so that leaves a big gap in the available portfolio of material to select from. The fact is, the field is very scarce when it comes to in-depth crypto content from influencers and Tuber providers. Hint hint, maybe someone should fill that gap, stat!





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