NANO Mining - The Quiet, Simple Way to Crypto Savings

Why am mining nano when everybody is thinking about Ethereum?

Nano blockchain, which is regularly hyped as a feeless, flexible platform for easy daily transactions, is not the first thing people think of with crypto mining. In fact, the daily price of NANO isn’t much to be impressed by at all.


This Pool is Getting Crowded

When it comes to crypto mining, many people are going to immediately think of bigger value coins, hoping that a week or a month’s worth of computer burning is going to produce a couple hundred dollars right away. The reality is, most of the major coins that see any type of return on crypto today are done through crypto mining pools. Whether it’s Bitcoin or Ethereum or a similar coin, for the most part unless someone has there own ASIC farm, mining is going to happen in a pool. And even then, ASIC farm miners are putting their resources together in a collective pools as well.

In the meantime, there are low-level coins like Nano that are consistently producing results and output on a daily basis. These can be mined directly through node transactions or through a pool work. The fact of the matter is, the average user can see results faster with this type of a coin than any of the Hollywood stars like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Steady Passive Income Over Time

Are you going to be a millionaire crypto mining Nano? Probably not, but it does produce a tidy little sum of cash every month for very little work and very little effort. In fact, you don’t even need an ASIC to mine. You can use a regular computer. It does help to have a computer that has a fairly decent video card, at least something like an NVIDIA 3060 GPU card. Obviously, the stronger the GPU or CPU used, the more results one is going to get, but the beauty of something like Nano is that you can mine it with a piece of garbage computer as well that isn’t doing anything but collecting dust in your garage. And you can get some value back on that piece of junk instead. It’s a lot more profitable than wondering if anybody’s going to pay a dollar for it at the local charity or Goodwill.

No, like I said, Nano is not a millionaire's coin, but it is a way to make money these days with consistent income. Nano definitely delivers in that regard.

Postscript - Babesugarbunny is technically correct, Nanswap is an XMR mining pool behind the scenes. But the reality is, just about any CPU/GPU "mining" is in essence XMR mining. I've yet to find anything else besides that model for PC mining. As for direct XMR mining, I have tried it, but it paid nothing. The pool is so big, I could run my computer for a week and see nothing in return. I get more results from Unmineable and Nanswap in a day than I ever got from direct XMR mining in a month. 

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