AlienWorlds CPU Disappearing

Don Got No CPU, Don Got no Wax, Mon!

I've been fiddling with Alien Worlds for some minor easy income for NFTs and a little bit of cash back to my KuCoin account, which for the last week was working pretty good. I wasn't striking gold, but I was moving about $1-3 a day, turning it into ETH after transferring off of WAX and AETHER, and letting it ride on ETH's increases, all with the easy, low cost exchange ability of KuCoin for small deposits.

However, in the last day now the WAX system has been burping horribly when it comes to CPU availability.

AlienWorlds Error

As most of us are learning pretty quick, you need to stake WAX crypto for CPU, NET, and RAM. RAM provides you storage space for your NFTs. NET does something behind the scenes I could care less about because it's never an issue and has little drain. And CPU gives you throughput for all your transactions. CPU gets gobbled up by both your activity and your holdings, not just doing things. However, more interestingly, CPU fluctuates like a greased pig being manhandled just before Christmas and not wanting to become dinner.

Here's a simple example in the space of 15 seconds:

Wax resources 1 WAX resources 2 WAX resources 3

Now, for some folks riding on 100 WAX staked on their CPU and other choices, who cares. No big deal. But I'm a cheap fellow, which is why I actually always make a profit as a rule in crypto. I don't put up more than I have to to make an investment pay. I would rather the investment pay the costs to work then my pocket. So, I keep my WAX lean, again transferring off the excess and turning it into ETH with other streams and faucet monies. So that means, like a lot of folks, I only stake what I need to make things work. That being the case, the fluctuation of WAX is going for force folks like myself to have to pay more to keep the channel moving.

Of course, there is the option to keep refreshing an catch a low point when my CPU gets below 100% and works, but this takes up time from actual mining and generating income waiting for these windows. Here's one where I got the window and then seconds later, it bounced back up again. WTH!

WAX resources 4 WAX resources 5

We all want to see our mining claims go through smooth, paying us feudal space farmers our daily pittance for more ETH. So, whoever on the WAX network keeps jacking the system up, knock it off already!

TML Success

Me the feudal space farmer..

Feudal Farmers

Feudal Farmers, Scan 12 May 2010 by Ann Scott, Wikipedia, Public Domain

If you want to help me feed the killer rabbit feudal CPU monster so it doesn't gobble up my poor space village and make us space farmers starve another Jupiter winter, send us some WAX here:

WAX Address


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