World's best cryptocurrency Airdrop is still rolling !
Best cryptocurrency airdrop of history

World's best cryptocurrency Airdrop is still rolling !

By Albatross | Crypto Monk | 12 Apr 2020


If you are just looking for huge money totally free to get through cryptocurrency Airdrops, it's a best thing to pay attention.  I am talking about Ecoin, it's an American company based in New York. The concept of Ecoin is mass adoption and crypto for everyone. Ecoin is built on EOS platform. I am not going deep about Ecoin as it's a ocean to explain. 



They have started their massive Airdrop programme back in February, by just 20 days they acquired 1 million users and still counting. This is the world's simplest airdrop to join because it use your IP address not to make multiple fake accounts and you can just join with your Name, Mail address & password. Interested people can  Join here

It was 1000 Ecoin in the beginning as sign up bonus but the reward drop as the community grow. You will also be able to claim second level rewards. In addition to that you can also earn interest ( 10 to 15% depends on your level ) for the Ecoins in your savings wallet. The only criteria you need to fulfil to get withdrawal and interest is that ou need to reffer 2 people to become fully valid user. I don't think it's a great task since they only require some basic informations to create an account. 

Ecoin is currently listed on Probit exchange which is one of the top 20 exchanges in the world and more superb exchanges are coming as the community gets bigger.  I am writing this after withdrawing my Ecoin from Ecoin website to my Probit exchange so there is nothing to worry about this project and I swear you that by two years Ecoin will be in top 50 coins list because the investors are that big. "Alexa is just one of them"




This is a long term Airdrop scheme so everyone have chance to gain more Ecoin.

Benefits of Ecoin


  • It's totally free, no investment is required to get your coins.
  • No KYC is required to withdraw your earned coins.
  • It's already listed on Probit Exchange ( one of the top 20 exchanges in the world)
  • You can earn interest (10 % to 15 %) according to your savings balance .
  • Withdrawals has been successfully processed for people who joined in February. 

I am also including a YouTube video which shows whole withdrawal process to Probit exchange as well as some key things about Ecoin. Sign up as soon as possible and earn as much as coins. Ecoin awaits prosperity in future, let's grow together. 

What do you think of this project please let me know in the comment section. 


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