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These 5 Coins can outperform Bitcoin in the coming Bull Run ( My Exotic Altcoins)

By Albatross | Crypto Monk | 17 Apr 2020


I am going to disclose you all a portfolio that I have been following for a few months and I personally beleive that this Five coins together can outperform Bitcoin in the next Bull Run in percentage terms ( I mean the combined growth of these five coins will be higher than Bitcoin if we invest same amount of money in both Bitcoin and five Altcoins). However, you could have various opinion and I will respect if you share your choices in the comment section too.

I have considered coins and tockens ranked under fifty in coinmarketcap. We know there are many potential digital currencies out there but I never wanted to take such a higher risk. I have been following all these Five coins for couple of months and I am really satisfied with it's performance.  Now we are all dealing with a pandemic, as we all know it's a kind of best time to buy some. We are also getting close to Bitcoin Halving, there will be a lot of things happening in crypto community in the coming months. So I would say it's worth buying now and don't think of small short-term fluctuations because you are an investor not a trader. 

So what I am saying is that, if you invest 1000 $ in these Five coins ( 200 $ in each coins) your profit will be higher than that if you invest 1000 $ directly into just Bitcoin. What we can see here is that if you are looking for just profit you always want to follow mathematics or if you are happy holding bitcoin, it's your choice.

The following are my favourite coins in my wallet. I am not going to give any technical informations about these coins because it's famous and you will see detailed informations on their own websites. 

You may wonder that on what basis I am listing these coins but I just wanna say you all it's not a blind choice.

1) Ethereum

2) BNB

3) ChainLink

4) Ripple 

5) Tezos

So these are my favourite exotic coins !

What do you think of guys?

Let me know your thoughts and love in the comment section. 








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