CryptoTab Browser, the good, the bad, and the worst.
Cryptotab Browser

CryptoTab Browser, the good, the bad, and the worst.


CryptoTab Browser is truly a wonderful catchy seamless UI with lot of false misleading and entrapment BASED on my experience testing on PC and multiply devices on mobile phones also with CryptoTab Browser's other apps such as CTVPN, Farm, Lite (Lite version of the Pro browser) Pro and CB Clicks. Remember it was my testings to see how it was performed over the months since April/May to now. 

I was researching the crypto minings after moving to new home and the loss of ransacked approx $10,000 of physical assets by opening each boxes took the good ones out (about 15 film cameras gears including lens and film rolls, 5 mirrorless dslr cameras, HDD contains over 500,000 images was intended for Art Gallery this year, Underwater housings both dslr and film cameras as well some mixed accessories. Some vintage cameras dating back to 1930's to early 2000's was truly heartbreaking and devastating blow.) just before I moved into new home.

It is the logical thing to have the asset without physical is Cryptocurrency.  It really makes sense as along as you remember the passphrases, hardware ledger, or hardwallet app with passphrases. If you lose or forget the passphrases or lost hardware ledger. Then I guess you are f*cked. No matter how hard we try to protect or thinks it wont happen. It may happen to anyone. 

Now back to the CryptoTab Browser. I have tried some mining programs. Not suitable for me because of using laptops as a main. I don't want costly miner rigs to have more physical assets. Especially moving into smaller apartment. Im adapting for the minimalism lifestyle. Like they say the less, the better. :D CryptoTab Browser came to my attention that is the most suitable for laptops (then later found out also include mobile phone app.) 

Downloaded, installed. It runs beautifully.  I love the looks of the browser with inbuilt mining feature.  Quite very easy but i hate hate hate was the drop down menu on right side. It wouldn't let me scroll down. it stops at bottom of the laptop screen or tasks.  I had to resize the zoom of layout down to 50% finally to see nearly all the way down on the dropdown right side menu, that where i can see username. At 100% I wouldn't see my login username.  With between 50%-67% the texts so tiny-small is quite challenging. 

So I installed another CryptoTab on another laptop. Then found out Cryptotab Pro also available in mobile phones. I was so eager to try them out. So I did. Downloaded them in my various mobile phones.  Found out, it wont work much older version Android 5.0 more than 5 years old.  Works on Android 6.0, 7.0 onwards to latest 9.0 on my mobile phones. To my surprised Android 7.0 outperformed than the rest of the mobile phones with the speed h/s. But I found Android 6.0 runs a lot smoother with the apps kind of a workhorse. I suppose it also depend on what type of mobile brand and the model software versions. All of my mobile phones had been re-set into minimal uses and most of the preinstalled apps were disabled. Let alone use the mining apps to run except my main mobile phone Android 9.0 3GB ram 2GHZ Octa-Core as a daily user. All the other older mobile phones runs on wifi. My main mobile phone runs on cellular network full time.

CryptoTab Browser running nicely and faster speed that It was very appealing to me. It stated I can earn mining without logging in for the next few days accumulated to around 0.00000300000. I decided, quite pleased with it so far and registered it. Suddenly the mining counter dropped back to around 0.000000180000 almost halved down. I sent  message to support.  They wouldn't find any fault. I thought maybe sneaky of them to skim some mined off the counter before and after register.  That is the first sign of trouble I noticed. Okay, lets continue see how it go from there. 

Downloaded CryptoTab in mobile phones. Oh man, I love it. It feels so good to use CryptoTab browser Pro. I paid .99cents to purchase and install. Cost me under AUD$4 for 3 CryptoTab Browser Pro Versions on 3 mobile phones. I guess I was lucky because before that, it was $3.99 per purchase.

Its exciting to see the counter going up. Exciting to earn mined BTC via Mobile phones.  Decided to pay Cloud boost. $4.99 x3 months x3 Devices. That's total $45 for X2 speed for 3 devices

At the end of the first week. 30. cents i was excited because it was my first enabled minimum BTC withdrawal then another .30 cents on 2nd device then another 30 cents on 3rd device. By the end of the first month mining. Each week avg 30 cents.  That is approx USD$2 per month per device. That is about USD$2 loss per month per device. That is the 2nd trouble I noticed. 

I decided to raise the bar put X5 on pc maybe i can make more profit to recoup the loss of the 3 devices. Paid AUD$40 (For Cloud Boost and include BTC transfer fee (USD$9.99 per month for 3 months) I was expecting to see the counter on PC to runs 5 times the speed than my mobile phones runs on 2X speed  running at avg 3000 h/s.  To my shocking, my pc only managed to run avg 1200h/s for the X5 cloud boost but i can see my mobile phones  counter gaining the mining counts surpassing  once, twice,  3 times 4 times 5 times 6 times over a month. 1 month. I managed to earn 30 cents on my f*cking pc with the X5 cloud boost on. WTF?? That's how bad it is when i am able to manage to earn $1.20 per month on each mobile phone devices that runs x2 Cloud Boost on. That is the third trouble I noticed. I already knew 3 strikes you're out but I'm still 2 more months to go contract paid subscriptions per device. Thats BAD enough

I sent message and scold at CryptoTab on review. CryptoTab responded. "Sorry you don't meet the expectation" Please write us on feedbacks to talk about issue on this link. That really pissed me off big time. 

Then later on, I changed edit on review. Why did you scam ? Why run slower than the amount I paid for?  Their respond was  Please continue click Cloud boost. You will get more. Please send us the feedback on this link. How dare, they responded like that and treated me so stupid. They dont have any appreciation  for any customers. No  remorseful, not even apologise for stuffing the speed of the h/s. 

Technically, that is indirect scam. To make the users to interact more using the mobile phones and to click every 3 hours on cloud boost after paid the subscription. Its crazy. 

I looked at their new app called Farm.  It allows you to see the list of multi devices which are running, how many mined BTC counters, which runs, which stops. Have to pay extra to use that. I'm thinking F*ck this. No way. The amount to pay for the Farm app to see the multi devices doesn't seems justified.  There is a Lite version released. Downloaded it. Tells me I cant use it because im logged on other (Pro) in this device. With Lite version, it stated if i use CTVPN I will get bonus only for lite version. Lite version it removes ads and unlock all features with CryptoTab Pro. No excessive ads, Cloud Boost-multiplied hashrate. Credit BTC doesn't drain the battery.  Separate profiles for multiple users. Secure profile for public wifi, Unlimited funds minimum 0.00001000. Yet has the audacity to put the ads in CTVPN. Serious ? Ads in VPN?  It keeps getting WORSE with new updates and new apps. Not better. Trying to make us use more of their apps. For what ??? Just to mine? To use more their apps just a single thing is to mine is completely crazy. Even WORSE WORSE  WORSE new very recent update version is every 3 hours verification slide puzzle. Im feeling "f*ck off" After this end of subscription. I won't be renewing. Will completely deleted all CryptoTab apps because I dont want them to have any profit left of my btc mined. 

Their Support help staff are so terrible, awful, is respectful.  Basically, Crytotab Browser is roping slowly one at a time into their entrapments. 

A complete CraptoTab Browser. I tell you interacting the app may gets you addicted but you are totally wasting your time, resource, efforts and money to keep using CraptoTab Browser to keep mining. I would like you to say F*ck this.  Write on their reviews. Sucks, horrible, awful, utter sh#t etc. So they can do better improve not to indirect scam the majority of the users. I also felt like if they are trying to "indirect blackmail"  We give you this new app so your mining speed will be better. What if we don't want more apps? Then what? Is that "BAD LUCK" from Craptotab Browser? 

Better off buying Cryptocurrency in hardwallet. You will get more than what you have paid for CraptoTab Browser over the time. 

Look, you have to understand the frustrations got the better out of me with covid, lockdowns, rubbish & unprofit mining apps.  Its like, I'm asking that's enough, stop trying to make us stupid, stop trying to rope us into your entrapment. We got enough problems to handle with the cuurent situation. We don't want anymore problems. Why cant you make things better for us, that way you wont get any sh#tty negative reviews. Otherwise its your fault because you are the one gets the WORST from me/us. Its not right to manipulate us in this current situation. We all are feeling around the global we had enough. We already reached our peaks.

Thank you for reading this and stay safe during covid pandemic.  

P.S. In you insist to have a go. Please feel free to use my referral code 23030625 :D Download from your Android or Apple or id using laptop/pc use the main website link but I urge urge urge you not to waste time. 

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Converted to cryptocurrency. Hatreds to those oppressing us, our freedom of speech, their failure to acknowledged for their fucksup. Is it even decentralised at all when the developers can abused the account holders, restricting or temporarily ban them?

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