APR disbelief

APR disbelief

By cmmemes | Crypto memes by @cmmemes | 19 Sep 2021



It's been almost a week now but I'm still not over the fact amr008's engagement project has shut down. Besides the fact it encouraged people to be active and write comments, I loved the fact I was being payed for my delegation in the coin I was delegating, in my case: Proof of brain (PoB) and Leo. But what I liked the most was the super nice APR I was getting for delegating POB, the last one being 163%.

Since POB has dropped under 1 Hive per token I have been gradually stacking it while also keeping some liquid in case the price goes crazy again, and with the returns I was getting from my delegation it was nice to see how fast my stake was growing.

I have been looking at other projects to delegate to but I haven't found anything that offers similar APRs to what I was getting for my POB with the engagement project. Brofund seems like a pretty cool project and gives similar APR for Leo but 14% for POB feels like a punch in the stomach compared to 163%. Another thing is I am a simple person, I like being payed in the token I am delegating, and the fact Brofund pays in BRO seems a bit complicated to me, not that is the end of the world or anything, it's just my preference.

If anyone knows where I could delegate my POB and get similar APRs to what I used to get please let me know, because I don't have the time and desire to do manual curation on every Hive engine token I own.

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Crypto memes by @cmmemes
Crypto memes by @cmmemes

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