Uniswap Listing | Tixl becomes interoperable DeFi Ecosystem with Swap DEX

Uniswap Listing | Tixl becomes interoperable DeFi Ecosystem with Swap DEX

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 9 Sep 2020

A lot is happening. At the same time TXL is launched, it will become an ERC-20 token, there will be a token bridge and it gets listed on Uniswap. In addition to this new ERC-20 era, Tixl hereby signals the direction in which the team is headed.

Uniswap Info

The Tixl Token Bridge | MTXLT <-> TXL or MTXLT (BEP2) <-> TXL (ERC20)


Interoperable DeFi Ecosystem?

The original concept of Tixl was born of our belief that the reason that cryptocurrencies - like BTC, ETH and other digital assets - have not achieved mainstream adoption is due to the fact transactions are either slow, costly or completely traceable.

To solve a real problem, we started building the Autobahn Network. Now that we are close to putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, and will be launching our first version soon, it is time to share our broader vision — how and where the Autobahn Network will be used, and how we see it evolving over the years to follow:

By utilizing the Autobahn Network (with its instant and almost zero-fee transactions for any digital asset) as a base, Tixl will become a fully interoperable Ecosystem for DeFi products.


The first two DeFi products using the Autobahn Network will be:

  1. The Tixl Wallet
  2. The Tixl Exchange (Swap DEX)

In addition to the solutions listed above, the Tixl SDK will allow us to connect more of our own, or other third-party DeFi applications to the Autobahn Network. The advantages of instant, almost zero-fee and optionally-private transactions will give DeFi applications the features they need for

  • Yield Farming
  • Liquidity Programming
  • Payments
  • Lending
  • Asset tokenization
  • Oracles
  • Others
Roadmap to a fully interoperable DeFi Ecosystem and the Tixl Exchange (Swap DEX) in 2020
  • September: Autobahn Network: Cranz Release (Web-Wallet Redesign, Stability & Performance)
  • September: Release of the Autobahn Network SDK/API
  • September: Staking with Ferrum Network
  • September — November: Several Partnerships to enlarge Tixl’s DeFi Ecosystem
  • October: Autobahn Network BTC (Mainnet) Integration
  • November: Autobahn Network Ethereum Integration
  • December: Autobahn Network Alphanet Release
  • December: Launch of the Tixl Exchange (Swap DEX) v0.1
The Tixl Exchange (Swap DEX)

Decentralized Exchanges or DEXs have continued to increase in popularity — having many advantages over centralized exchanges. However, what most decentralized exchanges are currently struggling with is that transactions (or swaps) and liquidity adds/withdrawals come with the following disadvantages:

  • they cost high network/gas fees,
  • they take a long time to be fully executed,
  • and/or often are not fully interoperable with other networks.

We can solve the problems above by building features into the Autobahn Network that offer solutions to all those disadvantages, by default. The Tixl Exchange (Swap DEX) will thus be:

A fully interoperable Swap DEX with liquidity pools and liquidity mining, almost zero network/gas fees and instant transactions. Rewards for both liquidity providers and swapping users will be paid.

More information can be found in Tixl’s White Paper here. We will publish more details about the Tixl Exchange (Swap DEX) once development has progressed.

Comparison to other Swap DEXs

Compared to Uniswap, being the most utilized swap exchange, the Tixl Exchange (Swap DEX) will have the following advantages:


The Tixl Ecosystem — Building the Future

We began our Tixl journey with a plan to create a usable, low transfer-cost, private-by-default cryptocurrency - a product that would help change the crypto-world and provide compelling reasons for adoption, due to the similarities to today’s cash.

We have learned a lot on this journey so far and, the same pioneering spirit that drove us to develop Tixl in the first place, means we see the challenges facing the wider ecosystem as opportunities. Instead of “working around” problems, we would prefer to provide solutions for them. In doing so, the Tixl Ecosystem grows and will enhance our reputation and the value of the underlying asset.


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