The Tixl Token Bridge | MTXLT <-> TXL or MTXLT (BEP2) <-> TXL (ERC20)

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 8 Sep 2020

On August 24, we announced the Tixl project will move a part of its token supply to the Ethereum network. Instead of simply moving to Ethereum in the current form of MTXLT, we will move in the form of TXL - where 1,000 TXL are equal to 1 MTXLT. All the details about the platform-add and the token split can be found in this article. We later clarified that the current swap is optional and MTXLT will co-exist on Binance Chain, as discussed in this article.

The Token Bridge

The token bridge will be available at shortly after the Uniswap listing on September 9th. (Following the link before that date will mean that you may see a “teaser”, or a password-protected website).

This is how the bridge works:

Step 1

When the link is live you can choose which direction you would like to swap. Swaps from Ethereum to Binance Chain, and in the opposite direction are both supported. It is important to remember that 1,000 TXL are equal to 1 MTXLT.

The following screenshot shows the drop-down menu.


Step 2

Accept the terms and transaction fee before proceeding to the next step. Unfortunately, due to the network fees on Binance Chain and Ethereum, a low fee must be charged to finance the transaction. Remember, the current swap is optional and only recommended for people who would like to use TXL in the Ethereum ecosystem (e.g. for trading).


Step 3

Provide your Binance Chain or Ethereum address, depending on the swap direction. This is the address where you want the swapped tokens to be sent to. It can be any compatible Binance Chain or Ethereum address. For example, this could be your TrustWallet Ethereum address.


Step 4

Finally, send the MTXLT or TXL you want to swap to the address displayed. This address is the only notification generated for your swap and no additional transaction memos are required. The swap should be completed within one hour in the majority of cases, but can take longer if the bridge runs out of funds and must be re-balanced manually. You can use TrustWallet or any other Binance Chain or Ethereum compatible wallet to complete the transaction.


Swap your MTXLT (BEP-2) to TXL (ERC-20) if you want to trade on Uniswap or would like to use your favorite ERC-20 compatible wallet.


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