How to mine HOT. (NEAR Protocol's token)

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 6 Apr 2024

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HOT is a central piece for the NEAR ecosystem inside Telegram. Because of meta-transactions, using HOT lets you do real transactions on the blockchain, play games, and pay for transfers. It is the first FT that has the functionality of native L1 blockchain tokens.

In the future, HOT won't just work with NEAR Ecosystem. After something called Chain Abstraction starts in Q2 2024, you'll be able to use HOT to do transactions on Ethereum and other networks that are like Ethereum.

How to start mining HOT:

1. Start the Telegram bot

2. Choose HOT & click 'Claim' button (maybe, you will see "Check News" - click & then click "Claim" button)

You can increase you Storage & Mining speed:

There are a total of 6 levels of Storage:
Level 0 - Wooden Storage - 2 hours - free
Level 1 - Metal Storage - 3 hours - 0.2 HOT
Level 2 - Modular Storage - 4 hours - 0.5 HOT
Level 3 - Liquid Storage - 6 hours - 1 HOT
Level 4 - Titanium Storage - 12 hours - 4 HOT
Level 5 - Gold Storage - 24 hours - 10 HOT

There are 5 levels of Fireplace in total
Level 0 - Wood Firespace - 0.01 HOT/hour - free
Level 1 - Stone Firespace - 0.015 HOT/hour - 0.2 HOT
Level 2 - Gas Firespace - 0.02 HOT/hour - 1 HOT
Level 3 - Neon Firespace - 0.025 HOT/hour - 2 HOT
Level 4 - Neon Multi-Firespace - 0.03 HOT/hour - 5 HOT
Level 5 - Gold Fireplace - 0.05 HOT/hour - 15 HOT

At this time I have 3rd lvl. of Speed & 4th lvl. of Storage (I'm so lazy man to click often) - you can do as you wish!

Boost (I recommended to deposit at least 1 NEAR to you wallet (to the bot) - DYOR) & complete several tasks to earn HOT to boost you storage or speed


Uranium Boxes=>Open Missions:


Add 1+ USDT = Swap you deposited NEAR for 1,1 USDT, claim task & you can swap back to NEAR



You need to swap NEAR to 1+ UWON (~0.5 NEAR), claim tasks & you can swap back to NEAR

Make a transfe - just send NEAR to any NEAR wallet & receive back & don't forget to claim task

And the last:


Hot Core Team - very simple tasks

PS1: "HOT is indeed recorded on the blockchain (on-chain) once you claim it. For each HOT claim, you need to pay a network fee, also known as gas. However, since we use the NEAR Protocol, network fees are very low (around $0.005) and are deducted for each transaction in the $NEAR token."
PS2: I don't know how long HOT transactions will be free that's why I recommend to deposit 1+ NEAR (Do you own research if you afraid to lose you funds!) to you telegram bot = you NEAR wallet


When will HOT mining end ❓
" Over the past 2 months, the HOT ecosystem has seen impressive growth. We realise that some people have stopped updating their vaults because they think HOT mining will end soon.
🚀 There are many milestones on the HOT roadmap. We just overtook Telegram TON Wallet in terms of audience and that’s just the beginning. There are big wallet updates ahead and the actual mining goal is to launch the HOT protocol, which opens up a new generation of web3 chain-signed wallets.
⚡️ By halving and burning tokens, mining is becoming more even and anyone who joins the project now can earn enough HOT for upcoming events."


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